'New kids on the block' at Belfast Zoo

'New kids on the block' at Belfast Zoo

It may still be wet and wintry, but the first signs of spring have arrived at Belfast Zoo - with the births of two African pygmy goats.

The kids, one male and one female, are already making themselves at home in the zoo's farmyard after being born to mums Snowdrop and Hannah.According to staff at the zoo, the smaller female kid has been named Aziza which means 'precious' in Swahili and the larger male kid has been named Adunbi which means 'pleasant' in Nigerian.The African pygmy goats originate from West Africa and only grow to around 50-63cms in length."Aziza and Adunbi are a wonderful addition to the herd of African pygmy goats and to the zoo farmyard," zoo curator Alyn Cairns said, adding that the little pair have already developed distinct personalities."Aziza is always happy and very friendly to keepers and the other goats."Adunbi, however, has a much bolder personality. He is extremely mischievous, a bit of a trouble maker and he likes to climb on top of things - including the other goats!"


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