'My wife cut off my penis'

'My wife cut off my penis'

This week marks 20 years since former US Marine John-Wayne Bobbitt had his penis cut off by his wife while he was sleeping, and he has been speaking to This Morning about his ordeal.

Around the globe people were shocked to hear the details of how John woke up to unimaginable pain, as his now ex-wife Lorena sliced a steel 8 inch knife through his penis following an argument when he came home from a night out with a friend.

Speaking to This Morning via video link from New York, John recalled the events which led to the frightful incident.

"There are a lot of things that led up to what happened, but basically I didn't want to be married," he told Phillip and Holly.

"I was tired of the fighting, the arguing, the abuse and I told Lorena that I wanted a divorce - I think she got kinda mad about that.

"I came home from a night out with my friend and I really didn't know what was going on. I remember Lorena sitting on my side saying 'you hurt my feelings'.

"She asked me 'John, are you happy?' and I didn't respond to that because I was so tired and I just fell asleep and the next thing I know is I'm sitting up in a pool of blood."

It transpired that Lorena had fled the scene with the severed penis, leaving John in a pool of blood and 20 minutes from death.

He described waking up to that situation as a 'horrifying experience'.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

John-Wayne Bobbitt

"It was kind of like waking up to a Freddy Krueger kind of thing. It was a frightening, life or death situation.

"But I got to the hospital within 10 minutes and was able to survive."

It was soon discovered that Lorena had thrown the severed penis from her car and it was found in a field by the emergency services.

They were able to pack it on ice and bring it to the hospital were a reattachment surgery was quickly carried out.

Despite the traumatic ordeal John was pleased to discover that his penis had been reattached successfully and he had full working function.

But John's road to recovery has been anything but smooth; he became a porn star, married twice more and was arrested a number of times for assaulting women.

However he said he has now finally found God and changed his ways, and is currently writing a book about his life.

"I definitely think I had a problem with being a good judge of character and I didn't exercise a lot of good choices. It's been a big learning experience for me in how to make better choices now," he said.

"I'm a little more cautious now about who I get involved with and who I associate with as friends."


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