Mulhern cures Cowell's magician allergy

Mulhern cures Cowell's magician allergy

Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell has made no secret of his indifference to magic acts on the show - but Stephen Mulhern claims he has "cured" Cowell's "allergy".

The Britain's Got More Talent host returns on Saturday for more behind the scenes moments during the auditions, which includes the moment Cowell's mind was changed forever...Mulhern explained: "(Simon) had a pack of cards and I said to him I would turn over the pack and one card would be facing down, so he had to think about which card it would be.... And he did, he named the card and it was the only one facing down. He was very impressed."I think we got one step closer to making him love magicians!"One year he did say to me he was allergic to magicians. It would be great for a magician to win the show, and there is one magician this year who is amazing, and I mean amazing!"As well as influencing the judging panel, Mulhern will also be overseeing a bit of rivalry between the main's show's presenters Ant and Dec.He revealed: "Every year we've done something with Ant and Dec pitted against one another but this year it's very nostalgic."One week we're playing Blankety Blank, another week we play Going For Gold, another one Give Us A Clue. All classic shows and the boys are so competitive about the games, it's amazing."And from the nostalgic to the bizarre, the presenter admitted there is quite an odd moment to look out for during this year's Britain's Got More Talent..."One of the most bizarre things was this year, when I bought a 'virtual baby' in for Simon to practice with - this was before Eric was born, obviously."I ended up sitting on David's lap and he was 'burping' me to show Simon how it's done. Simon was not amused!"Britain's Got Talent returns to UTV on Saturday 12 April at 7.15pm.Britain's Got More Talent airs on ITV2 after the main show.


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