Movies inspired BGT's Addict Initiative

Movies inspired BGT's Addict Initiative

The Addict Initiative earned a standing ovation from the Britain's Got Talent judges for their "terrifying and incredible" audition on Saturday, which group member Lily reveals was inspired by a number of movies.

The 26-strong dance group performed a routine based around the story of evil witches capturing a girl, with dramatic and chilling moves and music included.Lily, who appeared during the unique routine as "the girl in the while dress', admitted a lot of scary films influenced their audition."We'd been watching scary films like Snow White and the Huntsman and Hocus Pocus and wanted to create something dramatic," she said."I wouldn't say the routine is frightening. It is very intense and theatrical and does have quite an effect on the audience. It goes through so many different emotions."Hopes are high for The Addict Initiative to do well in the competition and Lily feels their appeal is because they reach different groups of different ages.You are refreshingly evil.Simon Cowell to The Addict InitiativeShe explained: "People with different interests will get different things out of it. People with an interest in film will enjoy the visuals and dancers and kids might look at it and think it's crazy and something they would like to try."Older people could think it's unlike anything they have seen before and like it for that reason."We thought there would be something in there to appeal to all the Judges but for me personally I thought Alesha would really get it with her background in commercial dance. That is the genre we based our routine on but put our own theatrical twist on it."The group are aged 18-30 and rehearse together every Sunday, but despite having danced in front of friends and family, they have never showcased their routine to the public before."We had never performed to such a large audience before and really didn't know how it would go down. We thought it might be one of those Marmite pieces that you either love or hate."We would love to perform our routine for the Queen. I think she would like it - it would certainly show her something different."Britain's Got Talent returns to UTV next Saturday.


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