Megan Macey plays a dangerous game

Megan Macey plays a dangerous game

Megan Macey has had enough of Charity Dingle's presence in her brother Declan's life, so she hatches a plan to make sure she gets what she deserves, but will Megan's feeling for Jai Sharma get in the way?

Ever since Declan Macey started the fire at Home Farm, he and Charity have been as thick as thieves in covering it up and helping one another get what they want.Their unholy alliance does not sit well with Megan especially when it comes to the family business, which Charity is becoming more and more involved in.Actress Gaynor Faye explains: "Megan can't understand is why Declan has given Charity a third of their business. She has been there for her brother through thick and thin and all of a sudden he just gives this money away."I think Megan is becoming suspicious and quite rightly so."Megan spots an opportunity when she realises Charity is pleading poverty in a bid to get more money out of Jai during their divorce.Knowing only too well Charity now owns a share of her business; Megan puts a plan in action."Megan decides to help Jai because she can see that Charity is kind of pulling the wool over Declan's eyes a bit and she doesn't like it," said Gaynor."I think she doesn't really want Charity to have everything, she's got enough and Jai has lost a lot so it is a genuine reason, but it's also to get one back at Charity."But Megan has not considered that any feelings she may have for Jai could resurface and cause problems for all involved."Megan has been looking for love for a bit now, she's turned to Jai and he's been good for her in this kind of turbulent time after the fire."I think he is kind of a source of security."However blood is definitely thicker than water and Declan has always been her number one..."Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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