Mary Berry: 'Bingate' wasn't Diana's fault

Mary Berry: 'Bingate' wasn't Diana's fault

The Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry has told This Morning the recent "bingate" scandal, involving Northern Ireland hopeful Iain Watters, was not his fellow contestant Diana Beard's fault.

Viewers threw their support behind the Belfast man after he was eliminated from the competition following a dessert drama during last week's show.The construction manager threw his Baked Alaska in the bin after it dissolved in front of him, and stormed out of the Bake Off tent in anger.Moments before, fellow baker Diana was seen removing Iain's dessert from the freezer, prompting viewers to blame her for the ice cream melting.Later, Iain simply showed judges Mary and Paul Hollywood the bin in which his ruined dessert resided.When the show aired last week #JusticeForIain was trending worldwide in Twitter amide calls he should be reinstated in the competition despite the "bingate" incident, as it is now being referred to on social media sites.But Mary was adamant that Diana was not to blame for the dessert being ruined and Iain's subsequent departure from the show."To be absolutely honest I think (the ice cream) was 40 seconds out of the freezer and it wasn't actually set," Mary told Phillip and Holly."Iain himself says "Poor Diana, it's nothing to do with her." "Out came the ice cream, it wasn't set, it hadn't had time in there."And how wonderfully behaved Iain was. He went off, as we all do, a bit cross, and he put it in the bin. But he came back with a huge smile on his face and walked up to Paul and I with nothing. We can't mark nothing."Diana has also responded to the accusations, claiming she has been "stitched up" as the show had been edited to make it look as though she deliberately sabotaged her rival's chances.She said: "We were 12 amateur bakers, no prize money involved. Why would I want to sabotage Iain's Baked Alaska? I was very pleased to get through the first week - everything after that was a bonus."Iain does not hold me responsible at all for his failed ice cream. In fact, he rang me three days ago to warn me that the knives were out".Diana has since left the competition due to health reasons and will not be featured in the remaining episodes of the BBC show.


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