Man's new penis made out of his arm

Man's new penis made out of his arm

A Huddersfield man whose penis was destroyed in a crash more than 30 years ago has told This Morning's Philip and Holly about his amazing reconstructive surgery.

(Guidance: Video contains footage of surgery and images of genitalia.)

Mo Abad was just six years old he was dragged under a car for 600m, ripping off his genitalia. Doctors gave him 12 hours to live and Mo narrowly escaped the collision with his life.

He told This Morning how he spent the next 13 years on and off the operating table, as surgeons worked to repair his devastating injuries.

Specialists took skin from the inside of his leg and fashioned it into a tube, which allowed Mo to go to the toilet, but he said needed constant operations to repair and correct the makeshift penis.

"Sometimes the urine was coming out the wrong way, it was spraying," he explained.

However, as Mo got older and felt pressure to get married and have children, he knew his genitalia would be inadequate.

"I knew from the beginning that nothing could be done, I needed to start from scratch. To take this off and start again, and that way something could be done marriage-wise," Mo told Philip and Holly.

"But medical science is a wonderful thing and deep down I always knew something could be round the corner."

After appearing on Embarrassing Bodies, Mo underwent an 11-hour operation during which a surgeon reconstructed his penis using skin from his inner arm.

"You've got quite a big arm, that means we can give you quite a big penis," his specialist explained.

During the op, doctors found an undescended testicle which it's hoped could allow Mo to start his own family.

This Morning's Dr Chris said: "The concern is that it isn't producing sperm, but you don't know this yet. It has to be looked at in the future."

But Mo's not quite finished with the surgery and one of the finishing touches to his new appendage will be a pump, which will be implanted to make his penis fully functioning.

"You're quite a man down there," Dr Chris told Mo.


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