Macklemore paints mural in Dublin bar

Macklemore paints mural in Dublin bar

Rapper Macklemore turned into a freelance artist by creating a one-of-a-kind mural for a bar in Dublin.

The Thrift Shop hitmaker played a gig at the city's Marlay Park in front of 37,000 eager fans last week, and to commemorate the concert, he showed off his artistic skills at a local bar called The Bernard Shaw.

Macklemore stopped by the watering hole to take in a World Cup game with his friends, but before leaving the pub, he was asked by the owners if he would like to add his own mural to their graffiti wall.

The rapper obliged and later posted a photo of his finished artwork of a moustache-wearing man on his Instagram page.

Underneath the drawing, he tagged the piece: "Macklemore, 37,000, Marlay Park, Dublin 2014".


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