Love triangle for Corrie's Leanne

Love triangle for Corrie's Leanne

Leanne Tilsley's love life is set to get complicated once again as Coronation Street actress Jane Danson reveals both Kal and Nick are competing for her affections.

While remaining on good terms with estranged husband Nick, Leanne has been growing closer to Kal, leading to a love triangle on the cobbles that has the potential to cause a lot of drama."Obviously she hasn't had the greatest year, when does she ever?" joked Danson."She's not had any cuddles for a while and she quite fancies Kal; she thinks he's nice and he likes her, it seems."And following weeks of innocent flirting, things are soon heating up between Leanne and Kal.Danson explains: "There is a big hen do on at the Bistro and the hens have booked a topless waiter to entertain the ladies who, of course, doesn't turn up."The most suitable candidate, obviously being a personal trainer, is Kal."Reluctantly, he saves the day and he is parading round in not very much clothes, which Leanne quite likes."That is the catalyst really of what will happen next."The pair eventually share a kiss and things are looking up for the unlucky in love Leanne after months of dealing with an unstable Nick as a result of his car accident.But it's not long before Nick makes his intentions known...Danson reveals: "While all this is going on with Kal, Nick's got it into his head that he is better and everything is fine."Leanne has been really quite kind to him, she's let him take Simon out on his own, she's supporting him, she's cooked him dinner just to be nice and to really soften the blow for what's to come."But he sees this as a bit of a green light, really."He thinks: "Brilliant, we can get back together" so he asks her to stay married to him, which is the last thing she wants to hear.So with both Kal and Nick fighting for her affections, Leanne has found herself in the middle of yet another Corrie love triangle."I think there is going to be a lot of arguments between them - let's expect them cobbles to shake!"


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