Rylan riles Gary with 'skinny' jibe

Published Saturday, 17 November 2012
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X Factor's guilty pleasures week saw the remaining six acts take to the stage, but Rylan's post-performance "I'm too skinny to be Gary" jibe to his nemesis was one of the show-stealing moments.

Rylan riles Gary with 'skinny' jibe
Louis reacts after Rylan jokes about Gary's weight battle (© Rex Features)

In the VT before the Essex lad's turn in the spotlight, it was revealed that Rylan used to be in a boyband - prompting host Dermot O'Leary to remark that they looked like a Take That tribute act.

"I wanna know what band member you were," X Factor judge and Take That star Gary Barlow said.

"Well, I definitely weren't you - I'm too skinny for that," Rylan immediately shot back.

It actually took a second for the dig to sink in, but then a stunned-looking Gary was out of his seat and heading for the stage as his fellow judges were left creased with laughter and cheering Rylan on.

The little episode came after Gary - a long-time harsh critic of Rylan - had told him he was "going nowhere" after his mash-up of Duran Duran's Girls On Film and Bros's When Will I Be Famous.

"The good news is you will be famous," Gary said. "The bad news is ... give it a couple of months."

Rylan's mentor Nicole was full of praise though, telling her act: "You came out. You worked it. And you worked it. And you worked it. You are schamazeballs."

Meanwhile, it was Union J who opened the show after winning last week's battle of the boybands against the now departed District3.

But their performance of Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe split the judges.

Their mentor Louis Walsh insisted the boys couldn't be in the bottom two again and Gary loved the song choice, while Nicole was less impressed and Tulisa found it hard to get past not liking the song.

Baby of the bunch Ella turned You're The One That I Want from the Grease soundtrack into a serious ballad, while James Arthur put his own spin on Frankie Valli's Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

"Putting my category aside - I probably shouldn't say this - I want you to win this competition," Gary told him.

Earlier The Take That frontman told Ella she had just put on her "best performance to date by far", while Louis exclaimed she was "electric", adding: "You are going to sell millions and millions of records Ella."

Christopher Maloney didn't exactly blow the judges away with his rendition of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

Nicole declared that it was a lot to take in and thought the staging - which featured a giant image of Chris's head with lasers coming from the eyes - was "creepy", while Tulisa could only manage to say he was at least "consistent" at what he did.

This week, it fell to Jahmene Douglas to close the show and it appeared the best had been saved for last - going by the judges' comments.

Gary told the shy supermarket worker his talent was "ridiculous", while Tulisa gushed over Jahmene's evolution into "the man you were meant to be".

The crowd went wild, chanting Jahmene's name and getting a little heart symbol from him in return.

But two acts will be battling it out for a place in next week's show and one will be making their exit - find out who in Sunday's X Factor results show on UTV at 9pm.

X Factor's Guilty Pleasures Week
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24hrs until we lose another one!

But who will it be?

It's getting tough now with so few acts - if you think you can call it, let us know who you reckon will be in the bottom two and who's going to be leaving the show!

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Aww, someone's not feeling too confident ...
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Something new ...

According to Tulisa, Jahmene has really found himself and evolved into the man he's meant to be!

Gary's also full of praise, calling his talent "ridiculous" - but in a good way!

The crowd is going crazy for Jahmene, getting a little heart symbol in return. Cuteness!

Jahmene thinks he messed up a little bit. That boy is entirely too hard on himself!

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Don't leave me this way ...

Jahmene and his very sparkly scarf are tackling the Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes hit - all slowed down at first and then getting funky!

He's standing on a huge box, despite Nicole's dislike of ... erm, boxes.

But his voice is superb and we kinda love him! Go Jahmene!

(Download the track here)

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Rylan Style wins again!
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Aww, behind-the-scenes pic!
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We still think it was hypnotising people ...
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A lot to take in ...

That's how Nicole described it. Not exactly a compliment. Especially when she added that it was "creepy".

Louis thinks he's doing something right, but has no idea what that might be.

Tulisa won't be buying the album, but says he's "consistent" in what he does. Damned with faint praise, that's what poor Chris is, by the sounds of it ...

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Turn around ...

Every week is guilty pleasures week in Christopher's world and he's out to turn things around (bright eyes) with Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse Of The Heart ...

Didn't this get used in a horror film once?

Ach, we can't start being mean already - besides, we don't want Chris's nan coming after us ...

There's a massive picture of Chris's face behind him with beams coming from the eyes - is he trying to hypnotise the audience into voting for him?

(Download the track here)

Turn around ... (©Rex Features)
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Schofe says ...
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State the obvious ...

Louis tells Rylan it's week seven, he's still on the show, someone's voting for him - all very insightful stuff.

"Oh, here we go," Rylan giggles as Gary prepares to have his say.

"The good news is you are famous," Gary begins. "The bad thing is ... give it a couple of months." Miaow!

Nicole reckons he's sch-amazeballs and starts trying to mobilise the underestimated vote of the two-year-olds and under, after Rylan's babysitting in Paris.

Ooh, it's almost handbags as Rylan says he was in a boyband, but he's too skinny to have been the Gary Barlow of the group! Ha, he's got you there, Gaz!

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Rylan went international ...

But now he's back and wearing trousers that light up. That's when you know you've made it! O_o

He's mashing up Duran Duran's Girls On Film with Bros's When Will I Be Famous. Yes, really.

And he has a whole bunch of half nekkid dancers on treadmills.

We're going to go out on a limb now and say Gary won't like it ...

(Download the track here)

Rylan went international ... (©Rex Features)
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Take That are Louis's guilty pleasure!

He's a cheeky one, that Mr Walsh!

It's The Backstreet Boys for Tulisa (not very urban), the song Push It for Nicole and Rick Astley for Gary - who confesses he wanted to BE Rick Astley.

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Home sweet home?
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Ready-made artist ...

No matter what happens, James will get a record deal says Louis.

Tulisa says there was nothing guilty pleasure about it - it was James's coolest, most credible performance to date.

Nicole says we can't take our eyes off him when he performs. See what she did there ...

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Too good to be true ...

James Arthur is tackling Frankie Valli's Can't Take My Eyes Off You - very different from his usual musical taste apparently.

During the trip to Paris, James also revealed that Rylan had been helping him to see the lighter side of life. Every note still sounds as angst-laden as ever though. Just the way his fans like it!

Will he be headed to the final?

(Download the track here)

Too good to be true ... (©Rex Features)
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Special ...

Nicole didn't like the song, but thought Ella's voice was "glorious" and that she looked like a "golden goddess". Someone's getting all emosh ...

Louis says Ella's going to be coming out of our radios soon. Bit creepy that, Mr Walsh ... And he's full of praise for her mentor for the song choice!

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Ella goes all Sandra D ...

Except not really. Far from Olivia Newton-John's super upbeat turn as Sandy in Grease, Ella's taking You're The One That I Want and making it sound all serious and stuff.

Very different approach to a real favourite among musical fans - bold move, but did it pay off?

Bit too cool for a guilty pleasure in our book, but still an impressive performance ...

(Download the track here)

Ella goes all Sandra D ... (©Rex Features)
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Do you agree?
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All about the song choice ...

The boys aren't off to a good start with Tulisa, as she's really not a fan of the song - she thinks it's too cheesy.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Christopher Maloney's mentor Gary loves it.

Nicole's looking for more impressive staging - no more boxes (she might have a point) But she says the boys look "expensive", so that's good. Ooohkay.

Louis says they can't be in the bottom two again. Actually, Louis, if they don't get enough votes that's exactly where they'll be! Someone should explain this show to Mr Walsh again ...

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Fresh from Paris ...

It's Union J and they're doing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, kitted out in their big boy suits and hoping not to end up in the bottom two again.

Last week, remember, was the shock battle of the boybands which must have traumatised the obligatory squad of screaming girlies in the audience.

But Union J triumphed over District3 and are hoping to get things back on track - can they still make the final? Judging by those cheers ... maybe!

(Download the track here)

Fresh from Paris ... (©Rex Features)
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MC O'Leary!

Dermot, Dermot, Dermot - just when we thought your entrance was too low-key!

For future reference, we do not approve of those MC Hammer genie-in-a-bottle trousers ...

That doesn't mean we're not secretly disappointed the judges haven't adopted similar attire!

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Guilty pleasures!

Evening, all!

So it's Guilty Pleasures week apparently - we kinda thought that was every week on the X Factor!

But we guess that means no one can have a go at Chris if he goes all mega-cheesy again ...

Bring it on!

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