James Arthur crowned X Factor winner

Published Sunday, 09 December 2012
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James Arthur has won out over Jahmene Douglas to take the X Factor 2012 crown, despite not topping the vote until week 8 - making him the first person to win the show after being in the bottom two.

James Arthur crowned X Factor winner
James Arthur is crowned X Factor winner (© Rex Features)

The final showdown saw both hopefuls take to the stage to first sing their song of the series, in front of 10,000 people in Manchester and millions watching at home.

Jahmene opted for Angels by Robbie Williams, while James chose Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On.

Both acts received rave reviews from the panel of judges, before later returning to reveal what would be their winning singles for the first time.

This year, each act had a separate track - the Beatles classic Let It Be for Jahmene and Shontelle's Impossible for James.

If third-placed finalist Christopher Maloney had remained in the competition, he would have been singing Hoobastank's The Reason.

"So much soul," Louis Walsh said of Jahmene's performance, predicting a number one hit.

His mentor Nicole added that she was just so proud of the "jah-mazing sch-moment".

But the judges were also impressed by James and his performance, branding him a ready-made artist and an inspiration.

He wasn't supposed to win this because he doesn't fit the box. I'm just so proud - he deserves this.

Nicole Scherzinger

"Honey, you better get ready - 'cause your life is never going to be the same after this," Nicole said.

The show also saw performances by One Direction, Emeli Sandé and Rihanna before the final reveal.

And when host Dermot O'Leary announced that James had won, the 24-year-old from Saltburn was left speechless by the result.

"Wow, I don't know what to say," he managed.

But he did go on to thank everyone and to say that he was delighted his single would be supporting a good cause - Together for Short Lives.

Runner-up Jahmene added: "I think it's just a blessing to share the stage with such a talent. You're so amazing, James - use this platform, use it wisely."

After the show, it was later revealed which of the final 12 acts the X Factor judges had predicted would be the winner.

Nicole was the only person to correctly predict her act James would win, although she did also mention Ella Henderson.

Gary Barlow opted for Kye Sones, Tulisa for Lucy Spraggan and Louis for Ella.

It was also revealed that Christopher had consistently topped the public vote from week one right through to week seven, with Jahmene coming second.

But in week eight, James topped the vote with 40% of the public backing him and Christopher coming second.

On Sunday night, James won the show over Jahmene with 54% of the vote.

Live Blog: X Factor Final - Part Two
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Live Blog

As is now compulsory, all the finalists pour onto the stage to mob the winner and somehow James is still singing - even though he's pretty much disappeared.

Even Nicole runs onto the stage to join the craziness and then ... it's all over!

And we have to say farewell to our X Factor live blogs for another year. Sad face.

Hasn't it been fun though? Until next year ...

(Download the track here)

Live Blog
Live Blog
So what do you think?
Live Blog
Live Blog
And the winner is ...


Massive hug for James from runner-up Jahmene Douglas as the crowd goes wild!

James is almost completely speechless, just thanking everyone.

Jahmene on the other hand says it's been an honour to share a stage with James. "Use this platform, James - use it wisely," he says.

James recovers a little to say he's delighted the single's backing a good cause and now they're going to make him sing again!

Live Blog
Live Blog
The result is IN!

But of course Dermot's not going to just tell us, that would be silly! No, no, more tension until we just can't stand it any more!!!

The result is IN! (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog
But first ... Rihanna!

And to think she was once frolicking in a field in Bangor and then wandering around the New Lodge, now she's singing at the X Factor final ... Hasn't she done well? ;)

Here, you see that hopeless place she's talking about - that's us!

Not sure about the 80s rave-style whoop-whoops though ...

Live Blog
Live Blog
Schofe says ...
Live Blog
Live Blog
Quick, get your predictions in now!

We won't be listening to any of that "I knew it!" malarky when the winner's revealed - you gotta say it now to get the credit!

James or Jahmene? Jahmene or James?

Who will it be?!?

Live Blog
Live Blog
We're all totes emosh ...
Live Blog
Live Blog
Inspiring ...

Louis says they're both winners in his eyes. Unfortunately that's not how it works, Louis ...

Tulisa "gets" James apparently and she says he's an inspiration, to have worked to get to where he is now.

Gary just wants James to stay true to himself and Nicole says; "Honey, you better get ready - 'cos your life is neer going to be the same after this."

Live Blog
Live Blog
James's winner's single ...

If he wins, this will be the song hitting the charts - James's take on Shontelle's Impossible.

It is, of course, a suitably angsty little number, but do you like the song choice?

Is it just us or is a bit strange not having just one winner's song?

PS: The rumour is that if Christopher Maloney was still around, he'd now be singing Hoobastank's The Reason as his winner's single - how unexpected would that be? That's not from the 80s at all!

Live Blog
Live Blog
Standing ovation!

"So much soul," says Louis, predicting it could be a number one hit. He's practically ordering you to vote for Jahmene at this point!

Tulisa says he sang his little heart out and Gary insists it's really simple - he's here because he has "an unbelivable voice and talent".

Nicole's so proud of the "jah-mazing sch-moment". The what now?

Live Blog
Live Blog
Jahmene's winner's single!

If he wins this will be the single that hits the charts - Jahmene's gospel take on the Beatles classic Let It Be.

He's singing it beautifully, but is it a good song choice? Let us know what you think!

Live Blog
Live Blog
Emeli Sandé ...

After the shriek-inducing appearance of the 1D boys, it's time for a touch of class from Ms Sandé as she plays piano ... Isn't this nice and relaxing? :)

Emeli Sandé ... (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog
Brace yourself for fangirl madness - it's 1D!

We're just surprised anyone can hear them over the screaming in the arena! And the rogue mic seems to be back - poor Zayn went a bit quiet there ...

Now they're running into the crowd - is that wise? There'll be some kind of riot! O_o

Oh, it's okay - they've all made it back on stage ... Whew!

Brace yourself for fangirl madness - it
Live Blog
Live Blog
Who's been your favourite judge??

We love Nicole and her craziness and her whole new lingo - sch-amazeballs!

Live Blog
Live Blog
Ready-made artist ...

Louis says James is ready for the big time and Nicole's the best X Factor mentor ever - he's just bursting with positivity!

Tulisa and Gary are both also convinced James doesn't need any more work, he's ready to sell albums. Do you agree?

James just thinks it's surreal to even be here and says he can only describe it as a dream.

Live Blog
Live Blog
It's James ...

Oh, look out, James means business - he's schmoozing the crowd and the judges as he sings Lets Get It On.

There's even a little kiss for Tulisa ... and a ruffle of the hair for Louis lol!

And the crowd loves his performance too ...

(Download the track here)

Live Blog
Live Blog
Dreams can come true ...

From stacking shelves to moving Louis Walsh, Jahmene's living the dream and Mr Walsh wants him to win!

Tulisa loved the song choice and reckons it was even more amazing in the arena than it was last time round.

Gary congratulates Jahmene on battling with his past and fighting for his future.

And Nicole's getting all emotional over her little angel. "I love you, sweetie," she tells him.

"I just want to sing for you guys," Jahmene says. Bless him.

Live Blog
Live Blog
It's Jahmene ...

With his song of the series, Angels by Robbie Williams, Jahmene takes to the stage - complete with a gospel choir and huge angel wings backdrop.

Jahmene reckons this was the song that the audience most connected with and they definitely seem to be loving it - in the quiet moments, you can hear the cheers and the crowd absolutely roar at the big finish!

(Download the track here)

Live Blog
Live Blog
They've got the X Factor!
Live Blog
Live Blog
They're all back again - and this time they're Christmassy!

The ousted finalists are opening tonight's show again with a festive mash-up.

They've got dancers dressed in wrapping paper and Rylan on a sleigh. What's not to love?!

And joining them for the big finish, of course, it's James and Jahmene ...

Live Blog
Live Blog
Dermot's as worn out as we are ...

After last night's big entrance, our favourite host is keeping it low-key tonight ...

The judges on the other hand have gone for their usual glitz and glamour, with Gary and Louis in their penguin suits and Nicole and Tulisa both dressed as Quality Streets for the occasion. Well, wouldn't you? ;)

Live Blog
Live Blog
One Direction among the guest stars!
Live Blog
Live Blog
Not long now!

Tonight, after weeks of auditions, live shows, drama and other general mayhem, we'll finally find out who has won X Factor 2012!

Will it be Jahmene or James?

Either way, Nicole can claim victory over her fellow judges ...

Let's do this!

Not long now! (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
© UTV News
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Alex Chapman in West Berkshire wrote (777 days ago):
PS Dear James, (as if you are ever going to read this...in my dreams but i will post it anyway... you are in a totally different class and league from the likes of Ed Sheeran... no wonder he wants to collaborate with you>>>er of course he has seen how bad he is in comparison to your greatness and your talent. Sorry Ed i know you are very good but Sir Arthrur just makes you look like a donkey when he is Frankel in a race that you could never even have a starters wild card in !!! Sir Artur is the class that the Xfactor has been looking for all along. I wish you the very very best James and all your family but once again i feel like im writing a diary because i dont think anybody is ever going to see this and i dont really understand the internet but ho hum at least i know what im trying to express to you. Also Ella Henderson, what an amazing talent she is incredible. A different talent but one waiting in the wings of stardom. Bless you all Alex xxx
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