'Jah-mazing' Jahmene impresses judges

Published Saturday, 01 December 2012
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It may have been former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger who invented the 'jah-mazing' compliment on this year's X Factor but, on Saturday's semi-final night, all the judges were adopting it.

'Jah-mazing' Jahmene impresses judges
Jahmene Douglas goes back to basics with At Last (© Rex Features)

Jahmene Douglas was the contestant on the receiving end of the praise, as the remaining hopefuls once again performed two songs each to try to battle their way into the final.

The shy former supermarket worker opted for Whitney Houston's I Look To You as his first song - one that was purely his choice and meant something special.

Having previously struggled against emotion to sing the track at his brother's funeral, he was determined to give it his all and reduced his mentor Nicole to tears in the process.

"I surrender," Nicole said, throwing her hands up as she tried and failed not to cry.

"I could sit here and say you're vocally the strongest, the most soulful, the most dynamic singer ... But that's not what it's about - when what's so special about you is where that voice, and where that spirit, and where that soul comes from."

That was so emotional - I know every lyric in that song meant so much to you. And there's no way you're going to go back to Asda, man.

Louis Walsh

It was Jahmene's second song - Etta James's At Last, which was his first audition song - that drew the 'jah-mazing' praise though.

Louis Walsh's use of the word drew raised eyebrows from Gary Barlow, but then the Take That star simply had to concur - much to Nicole's delight.

"Get outta here!" she then beamed, to laughter from the audience.

"Get outta here, taking the mick out of all of us. That was ... That was ... I'll say it - jah-mazing!"

The X Factor's resident 'credible artist' James Arthur also impressed the panel with his song choices - U2's One and Frankie Goes to Hollywood's The Power Of Love.

"You come out ready for attack each week, knocking the opponents down one by one," Gary said.

Union J were deemed to have grown-up during the course of the competition and were praised for their mature performances - even if they are still young enough to get away with wearing onesies and somehow talk their mentor Louis into trying one on for size!

Not only do you look sch-amazing in a green onesie, but you are like a fifth member of this band ...

Nicole Scherzinger

"You are a bomb-diggity mentor," Nicole told Louis. "You chose brilliant songs for them this week."

They opted to perform Beneath Your Beautiful by Labyrinth and Emeli Sandé and then Lonestar's I'm Already There, with Louis continuing to bill them as the next big boyband.

But for Christopher Maloney, there was a mixed reception throughout the night.

His first performance, a Josh Groban-inspired take on You Raise Me Up, was dedicated to his biggest fan - his often-mentioned nan - and it went down well with the judges.

"I really enjoyed that performance. No buts - I think you've picked the perfect song choice," Tulisa, one of his harshest critics, said.

But Chris's second song, Michael Bublé's Just Haven't Met You Yet, was a different story.

"Oh, Chris ... It is the semi-finals and I don't think that was your strongest performance, my love," Nicole said, blaming his mentor for choosing the wrong song.

"We're pointing out the type of artist he's going to be - Josh Groban, Michael Bublé ... That's his lane right there," Gary explained.

"That was kinda back to the karaoke thing for me," Louis chimed in. "I don't think you're Michael Bublé, but you are who you are and I love you doing the old songs."

To find out who has made it to the final and who will be exiting the competition, tune in to Sunday's X Factor results show on UTV at 8pm.

Live Blog: X Factor's Semi-Finals Week
This live blog has now finished and will no longer update.
Live Blog
Oh. Em. Gee.

Next time we do this, it'll be the FINAL!

We're super-duper excited and it's still a whole week away. We probably shouldn't sustain this level of excitement until then or something might go kaboom ...

It's all up to you now though. Yes, you! It's completely YOUR decision who gets to the final, so no pressure. We'll just all whinge at you if our fave doesn't get through.

Chris, Jahmene, Union J and James - who do you want to win?!

Find out tomorrow who has fallen at the final hurdle ...

Live Blog
Live Blog
Snowman melting performance!
Live Blog
Live Blog
Paid your dues ...

Louis's full of praise for the show's resident 'credible artist' and Tulisa's proud to be part of the show while James is in it.

The judges were on their feet and the audience were making more than a little bit of noise.

According to Gary, that was the performance of the series.

Nicole's resorting to Italian to show love for that performance. Makes a change from her own little language ...

Live Blog
Live Blog
The Power Of Love ...

Closing the show is James Arthur with a fairly unexpected song choice - Frankie Goes To Hollywood's The Power Of Love.

It is definitely dark enough to be James Arthur-ed, but will the gamble pay off?

(Download the track here)

The Power Of Love ... (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog
If that's not a reason, we don't know what is ...
Live Blog
Live Blog
Sounding good ...

Great vocals, but playing it a bit safe with the song choice according to Tulisa.

The audience are chanting for the boys and any hint of criticism will be met by a wall of boos.

As demonstrated when Gary dares to agree it was very safe.

But for all this talk of safety, Gary thinks Union J are now at risk. Wut? We thought they were safe! Colour us confused ... O_o

Live Blog
Live Blog
Already There ...

We still can't get past the sight of Louis Walsh in a onesie ...

Okay, we're trying to concentrate. Honest.

The boys are aiming to make it to the final with I'm Already There, which is a Lonestar song, Louis. Westlife covering a song doesn't mean they own it!

(Download the track here)

Already There ... (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog
Whoever could they mean?! ;)
Live Blog
Live Blog
Uh-oh ...

Not your strongest performance, according to Nicole.

Gary says they were showing where his career would go though - along the lines of Michael Bublé and Josh Groban. But one of them specialises in swing and the other in gospel, so ... hmm. :/ This is our not convinced face, Gary.

The other judges are agreeing with Nicole, so Gary says he'll take the blame if the song was the wrong choice.

Do you think it was? Is Chris back in danger after that earlier unexpected wave of niceness from the judges?

Live Blog
Live Blog
Just Haven't Met You Yet ...

Christopher is trying to be Michael Bublé, singing his hit Just Haven't Met You Yet. We're not quite convinced he's got the old Bublé charm ...

And are those clocks in the background some kind of reference to Chris's time-travelling back to the 80s? We kinda hope so, 'cause that would be funny.

(Download the track here)

Just Haven
Live Blog
Live Blog

The crowd are chanting and Louis's declaring Jahmene is world class, jah-mazing, wonderful, etc, etc. Yeah, jah-mazing - he went there.

Tulisa thinks this is the fight she's been waiting to see, but Gary's just slagging off Louis for his jah-mazing comment, but then decides yup, it was jah-mazing!

"Get outta here!" says Nicole, while also wittering about dots. We think that means she's speechless. "Jah-mazing!"

Jah-mazing is now the word of the day. Officially.

Live Blog
Live Blog
At Last ...

Jahmene's back with the song he and Nicole think can take him to the final - Etta James's At Last.

Last time he sang this was in his very first audition and he blew everyone away. Now ... well, we dunno about you, but we think he's only improved!

It's a song a lot of X Factor auditionees try to impress with - few manage it like Jahmene ...

(Download the track here)

At Last ... (©Rex Features)
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Live Blog
That's you told then!
Live Blog
Live Blog
Final-worthy performance ...

More positivity from the judges and Tulisa's backing James, saying he shouldn't not win the X Factor just because he's actually a credible artist. We had to think about that, but it does make sense. Eventually.

Basically, Tulisa hearts James and wants him to win 'cause she's got no acts left!

Live Blog
Live Blog
One ...

Aww, cute dedication - James Arthur is singing U2's One for his siblings and hoping to make them proud of him. Sounds like he's already done that!

And since it's James, it's an extra angsty version of the song. We would expect nothing less.

Although it did feel like that was building towards one of those added raps and ... then it didn't happen. Kinda disappointed.

(Download the track here)

One ... (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog
Live Blog
Live Blog
A little bit different ...

Tulisa thinks we've seen the Union J boys grow during the competition and praises their mature performance.

And tonight Gary thinks they're more like a band than four separate singers - one that the record labels will be chasing.

Nicole agrees and particularly loved Josh's opening to the song.

And Louis's billing them as the next big boy band - is he right? Let us know what you think!

We're frankly amazed by the amount of positivity from the judges ... O_o

Live Blog
Live Blog
Beneath Your Beautiful ...

They should have called it dedications week ...

Union J are singing this one for the fans - Beneath Your Beautiful by Labyrinth and Emeli Sandé.

And hoping they'll return the favour by keeping them in the competition!

(Download the track here)

Beneath Your Beautiful ... (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog
Love for Jahmene
Live Blog
Live Blog
No going back ...

According to Louis, there's no way Jahmene's going back to Asda!

Tulisa's certain his brother's looking down on him proudly and the emotion's all getting a bit much for the judges.

Nicole's in floods, bless her - but still managing to be good ole crazy Nicole with her rambling compliements. It's all sounding very positive for Jahmene though!

Live Blog
Live Blog
I Look To You ...

Another dedication as Jahmene takes to the stage to perform in memory of his brother, also joined by a gospel choir as he tackles a big Whitney Houston number - I Look To You.

Hearing that he sang this at his brother's funeral, but couldn't finish it, it was set to be an emotional number and Nicole's already in tears ...

(Download the track here)

I Look To You ... (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog
Earning your place ...

What did we miss??

The judges have been pretty hard on Chris throughout the competition and now ... Well, it looks like Nicole, Louis and Tulisa on the panel - but it sure doesn't sound like them!

Everyone's being really positive ... We're a little bit scared!

Maybe the judges are scared of Chris's nan!

Nicole reckons he's earned his place in the semi-final, Tulisa enjoyed it and - in between gripes about whether it's a Josh Groban or a Westlife number - Louis's also full of praise.

Oi, Louis - what about Belfast's own Brian Kennedy? Invited to first perform the song in 2003 by Secret Garden who wrote it. So there. And yes, we looked that up! :)

Live Blog
Live Blog
This one's for you, nan!

Christopher Maloney's opening the show tonight and he's dedicating this one to his biggest fan - his nan!

He's singing You Raise Me Up, inspired by the Josh Groban version.

We were expecting key changes and gospel choirs a-plenty and oh look, we weren't disappointed ...

(Download the track here)

This one
Live Blog
Live Blog
Best voice on the show?
Live Blog
Live Blog
Evening, X Factor fans!

The end is in sight and tonight, you make all the decisions and decide who will make the big final - no pesky judges sticking their oar in! But of course, that means no one else to blame if your fave doesn't make it ...

If you think you can predict who'll make it all the way, let us know.

It's semi-final week - here we go!


Live Blog
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