'Life changing' drama for Belle Dingle

'Life changing' drama for Belle Dingle

Emmerdale's Belle Dingle can expect huge "life-changing" drama following her bust-up with best friend Gemma, according to actress Eden Taylor-Draper.

Belle and Gemma's uneasy friendship suffered another blow last week when Gemma got annoyed that Belle was getting close to Sean Spencer.As the pair clashed, both brought up past mistakes causing Belle to angrily push Gemma, who fell and hit her head on a rock.A bleeding Gemma stormed off, but viewers will soon see this has dire consequences..."I don't think (Belle) meant to hurt (Gemma), but she did," said Eden."So it turns out, the day after the row that Gemma is missing and Belle questions what happened and wonders "is this to do with me?""I think Belle immediately jumps to the conclusion that she has something to do with this."Gemma is eventually found, but she is unconscious and it is not looking good for the teen.Eden explained: "Belle is just praying that Gemma gets out of this, because all she wants to do is say sorry for the argument. She knows that boys are not worth what has happened."However Belle's worst fears are realised when Gemma dies and she is left with the guilt that she could be responsible for her friend's death."Belle is a nice girl with a heart of gold and the hope of all the Dingles. She is the solid one that has an opportunity to do something with herself."This has messed it up and she is in two minds whether or not to leave everything be or say she did it."Whatever the outcome of the situation, it is going to change Belle Dingle forever."Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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