Lee 'got so lost' in CBB house

Lee 'got so lost' in CBB house

Celebrity Big Brother's most talked about contestant Lee Ryan has admitted he "got so lost" during his time on the reality programme he wasn't thinking about his actions.

The Blue singer hit the headlines while in the Big Brother house for seemingly being unable to make up his mind between glamour model Casey Bachelor and U.S actress Jasmine Waltz.

Despite initially being handcuffed to Casey at the beginning of the show, and expressing some very flirty behaviour towards her, Lee soon took a shine to party girl Jasmine.

But when Jasmine was evicted from the house in week two, Lee was once again in the arms of Casey - only to tell her there was nothing between them when Jasmine returned briefly to the house to confront the pair.

"It's hard to watch," Lee told This Morning's Phillip and Holly, following his surprise eviction from the house.

"But I did have these genuine feelings for Jasmine and with Casey I just wanted to be her mate.

"I just never met a girl like (Casey), she has so much banter that I got on really well with and we were great in the diary room with each other and we got on really well."

Lee does wear his heart on his sleeve; he does fall in love easily - he's been engaged more times than a switchboard.

Antony Costa

Holly was quick to remind the singer that if you want somebody to be your friend, then you probably shouldn't kiss them, something Lee was guilty of when it came to Casey.

"I totally understand," he replied.

"I don't think before I speak and I am the first to put my hands up to say that. I do go by my emotions, but the fact of the way I felt about Jasmine, it wasn't made up, we had this connection with each other.

"I went in there thinking "I'm a single lad, I can just mess around, Casey understands" but then I actually met someone that I really liked and I tried to tell Casey and she didn't want to hear it, if I'm honest.

"I got so lost and my head was spinning with it."

Despite Jasmine angrily confronting Lee when she returned to the house for a task, Lee insists that they are on good terms.

He said: "We're fine, absolutely fine. I've explained it, she understands the pressures of the house, I said sorry."

Lee was joined in the studio by his Blue band members, with Simon Webb admitting he found it difficult to watch his friend's antics.

"It got so bad I had to go away to the Caribbean," he joked.

Now that he is out of the house, it is business as usual for Lee who has returned to his day job as a member of Blue.

The reformed band are set to release their new single and will be playing a number of dates in the coming months.


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