LSU's Joe becomes a modern day Viking

LSU's Joe becomes a modern day Viking

Joe Mahon ventures to the former Anglo-Norman trading point of Ardglass in Co Down on the next instalment of Lesser Spotted Ulster.

Regaled by the history of the coastal town, Joe learns about the remarkable life of William Ogilvie, a Georgian tutor who was once married to a prominent local duchess. William is often credited with fundamentally shaping Ardglass into what it is today.Joe also visits the scenic Ardglass golf club where he hears tales of ghostly encounters in the 13th century clubhouse and marvels at the medieval castles and towers which continue to dominate the skyline of the town.A former seaman and harbour master recounts vivid childhood memories of everyday life in the busy fishing port and shares a gift with Joe which he received while growing up in his grandfather's pub.Joe also meets the Vikings of Ardglass and takes to the sea in one of the original ways people first arrived on these shores - in a Viking longboat.Viewers can join in the conversation by tweeting @utv during the show using the hashtag #LesserSpotted.Lesser Spotted Ulster airs on Friday 29 August at 8pm on UTV.


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