Kyle 'lucky to be alive' after cancer

Kyle 'lucky to be alive' after cancer

Broadcaster Jeremy Kyle has given his first television interview about his battle with testicular cancer, speaking exclusively to ITV's This Morning as he returned to work.

The host of the Jeremy Kyle Show may be used to shocking revelations, but it was his own devastating diagnosis that caught viewers unawares when it hit the headlines recently.

Jeremy's cancer battle began in December when he found a lump while in the shower, prompting him to get checked out - and he's now speaking out in a bid to encourage others to do the same.

"It wasn't the best Christmas for me and my family," he admitted to the studio audience, during his emotional first day back at work.

If one person checks themselves and discovers a tumour or a lump and gets cured, then that for me is a good thing.

Jeremy Kyle

This Morning's Eamonn Holmes spoke to Jeremy as he returned to the set of his show, just six weeks after first being diagnosed with stage two testicular cancer and then undergoing chemotherapy.

Describing how quickly his life had been turned on its head, Jeremy explained that his doctor had told him he didn't think there was anything to worry about, but that he was right to get checked out.

He was sent to see a specialist while on his way to ITV's charity fundraising show Text Santa, expecting a quick stop en route.

"I was in there a couple of minutes, pulled up my trousers, picked up my mobile phone, and said: 'I'm off to London'. He (the doctor) said: 'No, you're not - you've got a tumour.' Within half-an-hour, I was having every one of my major organs scanned," Jeremy recalled.

The tumour was found to be 95% toxic. If left untreated, it could have killed him inside 18 months.

I walked through that chemotherapy ward and there were kids, women, men ... I'm one of the lucky ones.

Jeremy Kyle

But as it was, the 47-year-old was advised to undergo chemotherapy and had "one big dose" of the aggressive treatment.

"It is, without any shadow of a doubt, the worst thing I've had in my life - but it was a means to an end," Jeremy said.

"The doctor rang me after two days and asked how I felt. I said that I felt absolutely rotten. He said: 'Well, you will do - I poisoned you'. And that's it. It is poison too beat those cells."

While he's now trying to stay positive, he admits it has been a very difficult time for him and his family. Realising how lucky he had been was something to be glad for, yet also a sobering thought.

"What would 'Jezza on the telly' say?" Eamonn asked.

Jeremy laughed.

"I'd probably say to me on the television: 'Love your family, re-evaluate certain things, don't change too much, and live life to the full ...

"'But also give a little bit back if you can, because you were one of the lucky ones'."


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