Kathleen Turner returns to the stage

Kathleen Turner returns to the stage

Kathleen Turner is famed for her roles in Hollywood classics including Body Heat and Romancing The Stone, but the US actress has been speaking to This Morning about her return to the stage in London's West End.

The 60-year-old is no stranger to the theatre is once again treading the boards in new play Bakersfield Mist.She portrays the role of unemployed bartender Maude who thinks her luck has come in when she believes a painting she bought could be a genuine Jackson Pollock that is worth millions.And while she may be better known in front of the camera, Turner says she feels at home on the stage."I started out in theatre," she told Eamonn and Ruth. "I was on Broadway long before I was on camera."But her life changed very quickly in the 80s when Body Heat was released worldwide and catapulted her to international fame.She admitted: "I was not prepared. I don't think I had any understanding of what a successful film would do to a person's life."Thankfully I just went right back to the stage, so when the film opened I was doing A Midsummer Night's Dream, so I think I missed the brunt of it."And despite her many successful films Turner has always had a love for performing on stage, whether it be on Broadway or the West End."In between films I always went back to stage, I never wanted to lose the skill, I never wanted to become afraid of it," she said.The star also revealed that venturing into the multiple roles she has taken on suits her personality as she very much believes in stepping out of her comfort zone."I really believe you have to take a level of risk to the point of possibly failing, which is frightening, in order to find out what you can do."If you just do what you know you have done well before, well first of all, I get bored. It's the reason I've never done a TV series because doing the same person over and over, year after year..."


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