Jungle fury over Helen's trial refusal

Published Saturday, 17 November 2012
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Former Corrie star Helen Flanagan caused a stir among her fellow campmates - and even I'm A Celeb... presenters Ant and Dec - when she flat-out refused to even try the latest Bushtucker Trial.

Jungle fury over Helen's trial refusal
Helen at the trial with Ant and Dec (© Rex Features)

The young actress had been picked by the public five times in a row and yet failed to win a single meal for the camp, with the celebs getting hungrier and hungrier on their diet of rice and beans.

Even before trial number five, Rodent Run, Helen's campmates were well past the point of starting to grow impatient with her.

"I'm not bothering anymore to try and say good luck because it just goes in one ear and out the other," darts player Eric Bristow moaned.

And sure enough, Helen had only just arrived to meet Ant and Dec when she started to warn them she just "wasn't feeling it".

"I have given it 100%. What more can I give?" she said.

"I will have a look - obviously I really want to give everything a go and I'm not a quitter at all, but if I think absolutely no, I've had enough, then I've had enough."

But faced with a rodent run to navigate her way around, including a giant wheel, Helen had already had enough.

"I'm serious - I don't think I want to do this. I'm getting a bit scared, I don't think I can do this. I'm serious - I'm really sorry to let everyone down. I just don't want to do it," she insisted.

Knowing how comparitively easy the first part of the challenge would be, Ant and Dec did their best to coax Helen into at least giving it a go - even revealing that she would only have to deal with some harmless, if slightly smelly, mealworms.

"We just want you to go as far as you possibly can and I know that you can do this," Dec tried.

"There are two stars on offer. For what you've been through already, what you did yesterday, this is relatively simple."

But Helen was having none of it.

"I don't want to let anyone down - the whole thing is completely freaking me out because it's my fifth trial," she protest, before insisting that she wasn't doing the challenge at all.

"I know it's only meal worms, but it's really working me up ... Honestly, I'm really scared."

Back in camp, Helen had to confess all to the others and admitted: "It wasn't even that hard. I just completely froze."

Clearly aware of some tension with her campmates, she asked if anyone was annoyed with her and commented that she "saw some looks".

Turning to EastEnders star Charlie Brook, Helen said: "I did see you looking at me like that and it did make me think: 'Come on, Charlie, I'm trying my best."

"Looked at you like what? Helen, I can't even look at you without you thinking anything. It feels like you didn't give it a go," Charlie sighed.

Camp newbie Limahl tried to handle the situation diplomatically, but he did challenge Helen on her decision to come to the jungle.

"You knew what the show was and you're obviously handling it really bad. You made the decision to come on - did you think you would be able to handle it?" he asked calmly.

"I did actually, but I don't think you realise how you're going to handle things until you get there," she replied, later having a little cry in the Bush Telegraph over the others turning against her.

Eric also said he didn't know why she'd agreed to do the show and when Helen said she was glad she had come to the jungle, he retorted: "We're not. We're starving."

Helen did confront Limahl about his comments.

"I'm not being confrontational, but your comment hurt me and it offended me," she said, telling the singer he was "out of order".

Referring to his night in the Bushman's Refuge, Limahl replied: "Sweetie, I spent eight hours in a f***ing rat-infested room to get you guys a treat.

"Don't talk to me about being out of order. I made huge effort for everyone, including you."

But there could be worse to come, with Helen being picked by the public for a sixth trial.

On finding out that she'd been chosen for Deadly Deliveries, an unimpressed Helen declared: "I'm having a cigarette! Why would they do this to me?"

It's hard to say who was most disappointed by the result of the vote - Helen, her hungry campmates or Ant and Dec themselves!

Find out how Helen fares in Sunday night's I'm A Celeb... on UTV at 9pm.

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jasper in co,antrim wrote (805 days ago):
ITV Is going to have to change the programme around quickly because the public are going to keep voting Helen to do the trials. Thats what the public want however her not trying to do them will mean people losing interest and turn over to a different channel.HELEN IS A CELEBRITY GET HER OUT NOW.......
Devon Van Heerden in united kingdom wrote (805 days ago):
What seems to be the point of any of the trials when us viewers dont get to see any action we find fun, let each celeb win their own stars, its very dull this year, i really wish i was not interested in watching it this year. all the contestants are great apart from Helen.
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