Jim welcomes Peter to 'the big house'

Jim welcomes Peter to 'the big house'

Coronation Street viewers saw the return of Jim McDonald last week as Peter Barlow went in search of alcohol in prison and Northern Ireland actor Charlie Lawson doesn't doubt it means more drama to come.

Told by his fellow inmates to ask for 'The Landlord', Peter was shocked to discover it was in fact the former Coronation Street resident who could help him acquire some booze.Charlie Lawson said of his return to the soap: "I've been in Corrie off and on over the years, so it's nice to come back."You last saw him about four years ago when he held up a building society, now he is in the big house."He is probably one of the daddies, that's for sure, and he's got his business going on inside the jail and he is looking after Peter."Thanks for all your good wishes. Some great stuff, made me smile. It means a lot.— Charlie Lawson (@charlie_lawson1) August 8, 2014But while Jim sees Peter as just another customer, he is unaware that Ken Barlow's son is actually an alcoholic and could be a possible liability for his illegal business."He doesn't know that Peter is an alcoholic, so he is just feeding him drink," explained Charlie."Peter gets more and more desperate and Jim tells him that he's not getting it for nothing. Jim will expect something in return."It gets worse for Peter - he gets caught when he is drunk and he gets into trouble."Things are likely to get a bit tough for him now because if he gets Jim into trouble, then he is asking for trouble himself."I should imagine he'll make him pay and there will be a bit of drama to come."Most enjoyable couple of hours filming with Bev. There's no question... the two characters still love each other.— Charlie Lawson (@charlie_lawson1) August 5, 2014


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