Jeremy Irons talks trash

Jeremy Irons talks trash

Hollywood actor Jeremy Irons has been speaking to This Morning about his new documentary Trashed, which looks at the environmental consequences of landfills and dumps around the world.

In the film the actor visit places such as Lebanon where he sees firsthand the extent of the global problem.

"I hope anybody who watches this film will do whatever they can to reduce the amount of waste," he told presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

"We produce an enormous amount of rubbish. We bury it, which has huge problems and we burn it, which has even greater problems.

"There are only two things we can do, we can recycle and we can produce less.

Every year more than 58 billion disposable cups are thrown away, as are 200 billion litres of water bottles and billions of tonnes of household waste.

Jeremy explained that not enough is being done to tackle the statistics.

"What's happening (in the UK) at the moment is that people are trying to deal with the problem by burning it, but what the chimneys let out is hugely damaging to our health," he said.

The actor also revealed more about the upcoming new series of The Borgias, which follows the Borgia family dynasty at around the turn of the 16th Century.

Jeremey said it will be an interesting series for his character Rodrigo Borgia, who has just become Pope Alexander VI.

"It's a time that the man really questions his faith and maybe takes the law even more into his own hands.

"So there is mayhem and also controlling his own family, which is not easy, so a lot happening in that series."


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