Invasion of newborn privacy?

Invasion of newborn privacy?

A debate has been sparked as to whether or not TV programme 'One Born Every Minute' is an invasion of privacy for newborns.

The question is being asked after the German government halted production of their version of the show.

Taking to the 'This Morning' sofa to discuss the issue, journalist Sally Windsor argues the programme is "reality TV gone too far."

She said: "It's the highest level of reality TV we have, but it's taking the most sacred thing that we have, the birth of our children, and it's making it grotesque."

"What are the rights of this child that is coming into the world?" she added.

However mum Dawn Stanislawski-Doyle disagrees.

She said 'One Born Every Minute' is an "educational, well handled and a really positive show."

The mother took part in the programme twice and she maintains that the focus of the programme is not the baby.

"The baby is on for a few moments at the end, the bulk of the programme is about the relationship, the pregnancy and the labour," she said.

She added: "It's not a reality TV show - it's a documentary."


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