'I'm selling tickets to my child's birth'

'I'm selling tickets to my child's birth'

Aspiring glamour model Josie Cunningham has appeared on This Morning to defend her decision to sell tickets to the birth of her third child.

The 24-year-old first came to the attention of the UK media when it was revealed she had had a £4,800 breast enlargement on the NHS in order to pursue her career.

She caused further fury when it was also revealed that she is getting taxpayer-funded taxi rides worth £6,000 a year because she says that public transport gives her anxiety attacks.

Josie has now sold four tickets to her upcoming labour, two priced at £5,000 and two at £10,000, which include permission to film and take photographs, after a deal to sell DVDs of the birth fell through.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on Wednesday, she said she will use the £30,000 she will receive from the birth to pay back what she owes the NHS.

"It's not much different to One Born Every Minute. They'll not be sat down there with a camera," Josie explained.

"I will have someone for protection. People will be vetted."

Josie added that selling tickets to her birth was better than "sitting at home and claiming benefits".

"I've worked from being 15 and there have been times I've had to claim benefits," she said.

"I'm carving out a stable career for my kids - that's far from a scrounger.

"I feel grateful to be in a position at the moment being able to be a lone parent and know in myself that I have some stability there."

One of the tickets to her child's birth has been sold to a "super fan", while the other three have reportedly been bought by journalists.


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