'I have sex with aliens'

'I have sex with aliens'

A woman has described her experiences as she continues a sexual relationship with what she calls her "alien spirit guides".

Stephany Cohen spoke to This Morning's Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Wednesday, as part of the programme's Supernatural Week.

Stephany told the presenters she is often visited by alien spirits at night, who not only offer her guidance but give her mind-blowing orgasms when they sneak into her mind.

"They tend to deal on a personal level with individuals. We all have guides and my guides only interact with me," she explained.

"A lot of the different races are highly charged sexually - it's part of their culture."

According to Stephany, the different species of aliens range from cat people to reptilians. Her closest spirit guide is "Ian the Octopus man".

He stays quite close to me, kind of like a spirit boyfriend and he happens to be from the Octopus race.

Stephany Cohen

Sceptic Professor Chris French is not convinced aliens are the reasons for Stephany's active sex life.

"The obvious question is where the external proof is - it's all happening in Stephany's mind," he said.

"There are alternative explanations. There is a condition known as 'persistent genital arousal disorder' for example. There are a number of possible explanations," he added.

However, Stephany maintains there are aliens out there.

She said in the case of her spirit guides, they are not prone to showing off.

"When we look up at the stars at night - that's how prolific life in the universe is.

"They're not into showing off, they're quite reserved - they don't show themselves to the world like that.

"If you wanted to see them, they would do that through your guides," she added.


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