'Heartbreak' ahead for Andrea & Lloyd

'Heartbreak' ahead for Andrea & Lloyd

Coronation Street's Andrea and Lloyd's relationship will endure some "heartbreaking scenes" as a married Andrea struggles with the truth, according to actress Hayley Tamaddon.

Since arriving in Weatherfield, an air of mystery has surrounded the bubbly character as she met and fell in love with lovable taxi driver Lloyd.It was soon revealed that Andrea was in fact a married woman when her husband arrived back from Nigeria, where he spends most of the year working."She's been married for a very long time," Hayley explained to This Morning's Phillip and Holly."They got together when they were about 16 and they had a baby when she was 16 or 17, so everything happened very quickly and she just got really bored."It's quite sad and lonely actually, he goes away to Nigeria to work all year and she is left on her own."(Now) she has met someone new and she has fallen madly in love with him and it's quite sad, really."With the secret becoming too much for Andrea, Hayley revealed her character eventually confides in one of the Corrie residents - and it is someone unexpected..."You would think that is would be Steve (McDonald) that she would sit down and tell everything to, but actually there's someone else that she just spills it out to," said Hayley."It's someone who is a bit unlikely and this person says to her: "If you don't tell him, I'm going to tell him.""It's almost like she wanted to tell somebody to get it off her chest, but also to go "somebody tell me what to do."The actress was unable to give too much away about the future of Andrea and Lloyd relationship, but she admitted there are some emotional scenes in store for the pair."Craig Charles and I have filmed the most heartbreaking scenes that I have ever done. It was amazing, he was absolutely brilliant."Craig is so funny all the time and then these scenes we had to film were just heartbreaking and I've never seen a grown man cry as much as Craig did, and it broke my heart."


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