Has Bob been fooled by Brenda?

Has Bob been fooled by Brenda?

Brenda Hope has had a tough year in Emmerdale after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and losing her daughter Gennie, but when she turns to shoplifting as a way of coping with her feelings she could also be putting her marriage to loving husband Bob at risk.

In an attempt to get Brenda to talk through her problems, Bob suggested she go to bereavement counselling and is hopeful when she appears to be in a more upbeat mood.

But unbeknown to Bob, it is the thrill of stealing that has given her a lift and she could soon be spiralling out of control.

"Brenda's behaviour is a little bit odd," explains actor Tony Audenshaw.

"She is really down in the dumps and then all of a sudden she seems really, really happy.

"Bob can't quite understand what is making her so happy."

He thinks it is the bereavement counselling that is helping his wife and in turn he thinks nothing of her new found love of "retail therapy".

Tony said: "She is going out and she is buying stuff for the twins. She also buys this bag and doesn't like it and gives it to Kerry and Bob thinks it's a bit odd, but if it's making her happy then that's great.

"Because of what happened with the brain tumour, where Brenda didn't tell Bob she was ill, they made this agreement that they would never have secrets from each other again.

"And so Bob implicitly believes everything Brenda doing and that is really important to what is happening at the moment."

But soon events unfold where Brenda's actions cause problems for an unsuspecting Bob when a customer in the cafe complains that her purse has been stolen.

"Bob has got a great relationship with his staff," explained Tony. "But there is one day when this really awkward customer comes in and she is rude.

"Bob is convinced that the customer has just lost her purse outside, but she is determined that it has been stolen in the cafe and the only person who could have possibly done it is Ruby.

"He is going over it in his mind whether he should say something, shouldn't he say something, what will he do?

"How is he going to react when he finds out the truth?"

Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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