Guide dogs help their owners find love

Guide dogs help their owners find love

A couple, who are both registered blind, have been telling This Morning how their guide dogs brought them together to find love.

Mark and Claire Gaffey met at a training course for their dogs Rodd and Venice and had no idea their pets would lead them to find happiness with one another."I've had Rodd for two years," explained Mark "I was relying on family and friends up until then."I have a bit of sight and at the time I thought you had to be without any sight to have a guide dog."After being told he was able to get a guide dog to help him, Mark went along to a two week training course, where Rodd immediately took a liking to Venice who was also attending with her owner Claire."It was the attraction from the dogs" said Mark."There was five other people on the training course, five other dogs and these two were attracted to one another."Following the course Claire was eager for the pooches to maintain their friendship, telling Phillip and Holly: "I asked for (Mark's) number and it was solely for the purpose of the dogs getting to meet up!"(But also) for Mark to (be able) to have a conversation with me about the problems of having a dog, because it was his first guide dog."Playdates for the dogs soon turned into dates for Mark and Claire and they quickly became a couple after Mark sent a very sweet text message."He sent a text (saying) "if you'd let me, I could make your world a whole lot happier" so I replied "oh, go on then"," joked Claire.Another chapter was added to their love story when one Valentine's Day Mark asked Claire to be his wife, and she happily accepted.The couple sent out wedding invitations to their family and friends, which read: "Venice and Rodd are happy to announce that Claire and Mark are getting wed and shall be leading them to their fate...woof, woof!"


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