Frank Skinner talks fatherhood joys

Frank Skinner talks fatherhood joys

Funnyman Frank Skinner is famed for his lad-like comedy with football, rude jokes and World Cup anthems all in a day's work, but he says that has all changed now he has become a father.

Chatting to This Morning on Thursday, Skinner, 54, told Phillip and Holly how different his life has become, both personally and professionally, since the birth of his son."It has changed me massively, but I think definitely for the best," he said."I can try out a lot of material at home now and he is quite a tough crowd as well. He doesn't laugh at everything and sometimes he will just walk away mid-routine..."The comedian, who is embarking on a new UK tour, Man In A Suit, admitted he was surprised at how fatherhood has changed him."There is no way of knowing," he explained. "I kind of know why I'm doing it all now. It has given it a proper purpose, so I love all that."It was better than winning the lottery, because the lottery brings with it terrible amounts of hangers on whereas whenever you become a parent no-one ever visits you again."It's very hard to talk about it without being extremely cheesy, but I like it better everyday."I only really talk about my child to people who have got children because I remember when I didn't have kids and people would say "do you want to see some photos?" and I really wanted to say "no, of course I don't!""But now I've sought people out and it's sort of become this little secret society."


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