Emmerdale's Debbie and Ross grow closer

Emmerdale's Debbie and Ross grow closer

Ross Barton has been struggling to deal with the pain of losing Donna and in his time of need has turned to his brother's girlfriend, Debbie Dingle, but are the pair in danger of becoming too close?

Debbie has dealt with her own fair share of drama this past year thanks to her ex Cameron, as she continues to have a fragile relationship with Pete.But last week things became further complicated for the young mum when she and Ross shared a kiss, signaling huge drama ahead of Barton proportions."Ross is obviously really grieving over Donna and Debbie has been there quite a lot for Ross," explains actress Charley Webb."I'm finding it very interesting to play because it's something quite different and it's a very different side to her and it's a caring side and I quite like that because it just shows you that she is human."Yet despite her good intentions, Debbie briefly sharing a kiss with Ross threatens to damage her relationship with Pete, especially as she appears to be confused about her own feelings."Debbie and Pete have split up quite a few times and Pete asks to move in just after Debbie and Ross have kissed," said Charley."Debbie is feeling panicked and I think the kiss, even though she stopped it, we don't quite know what's really going on in her mind and how she really feels about Ross."Debbie just can't learn to trust somebody again and she thinks it's very normal to not trust someone again, which it is, but I think Pete is struggling."And that's ultimately why Debbie and Pete keep splitting up."It's very clear that Ross had massive feelings for Donna and we have seen a real different side to him, and you have seen Debbie be there for him and they really form quite an interesting friendship."I don't think we are very sure as to where that is going to go because I think possibly Debbie's feelings may be growing, maybe not, we'll have to see how that pans out over the next few months.Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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