Emmerdale's Bernice on being a cougar

Emmerdale's Bernice on being a cougar

Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles has admitted to This Morning she has found her character Bernice's recent "cougar" relationship quite strange.

Fans of the show have watched as Bernice embarked on a relationship with Andy, who is 12 years her junior, only to watch him leave her for his ex-wife Katie.But while Bernice's antics and plots of revenge for Katie and Andy may be amusing for the viewers, Samantha reveals she has found it all a bit embarassing.She told Phillip and Holly: "It was harder at the very beginning when I read the scripts and I first had to kiss him (actor Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy)."I thought "Oh my goodness" I was quite shocked and I didn't know if it was going to work or not."And also the fact that when I was first in the show he was quite a young lad and you sort of think "This feels a bit weird"."Obviously he is a grown up now, but I still felt embarrassed because I'm a good bit older."Embarrassment aside, Samantha has had quite a number of fun scenes, as Bernice vents her anger and frustration at the blissfully happy couple.Though in the most recent incident, when Katie decides to give Bernice the benefit of the doubt and visit the beauty salon for a facial, it wasn't actually her fault...Samantha explained: "(Daughter) Gabby puts bleach in the facial scrub so Katie's face comes up all blotchy and awful and she thinks it's Bernice that has done but she hasn't, she has been totally professional."So with an engagement between Andy and Katie imminent, will Bernice just let it go?Probably not."She really, really liked Andy, she thought he was wonderful," said Samantha."And he did treat her quite shabbily, I know she is a bit of a pain in the backside, but still."Lovely to be on @itvthismorning . @hollywills looking beautiful and @Schofe as lovely as ever. X— Samantha Giles (@sammeegiles) September 2, 2014


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