Eamonn updates Q&A after Clinton chat

Eamonn updates Q&A after Clinton chat

After taking part in a quick fire Q&A session exclusively for u.tv, Eamonn Holmes has changed his mind about one very important question.

Eamonn arrived at UTV last week to speak to The Magazine's Sarah Travers ahead of the programme's summer special later this month, and was kind enough to answers some 'thought provoking' questions while he was visiting.

These included - who makes better food, Phil Vickery or Gino D'Acampo? And, other than his lovely wife Ruth Langsford, who would be his ideal co-presenter on This Morning?

One question which has turned out to be the most thought provoking was who was his most memorable interviewee?

When the Q&A was recorded, Eamonn joked he couldn't remember most of the people he has interviewed because they weren't that memorable.

He said: "I can rarely remember any interview I have ever done, so that shows you how insignificant they have all been!"

But that has since changed as only a few days later he got to speak to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

During the chat on Friday's This Morning, Eamonn and Ruth asked the former First Lady about her plans to run for President in 2016 as well as her recently published memoir Hard Choices.

After the fantastic interview, Eamonn contacted UTV and asked that his answer be changed as Hillary Clinton was now most definitely his most memorable interviewee.

Job done Eamonn!


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