Donna returns to 'face the music'

Donna returns to 'face the music'

As Emmerdale's Donna Windsor returns to the village this week with her daughter April, actress Verity Rushworth admits her character is back to "face the music" and to finally tell Marlon Dingle the truth.

Donna left the Dales five years ago amid an affair scandal that left her marriage to Marlon in ruins.Following her return, it quickly transpires that her five-year-old daughter is in fact Marlon's first born child and she has got some explaining to do when he realises she has been keeping this massive secret from him."It's a complete shock," Verity told This Morning's Phillip and Holly."He finds out on his 40th birthday that he has a daughter that he hasn't known about for five years."Donna has made a huge mistake there, but she didn't know what to do."She didn't know who the father was at first because she had a sordid affair, so there was that to deal with and as soon as you've left, it's a year maybe, and then you have left it too long."Verity explained that Donna has grown up a lot since she was last in the Dales and April is at an age now where she is asking questions about her father.Eager to be closer to her family, Donna also feels Marlon should be given the chance to get to know his daughter."It's time to face the music," said Verity."Donna left when she was 23, its five years later she has had to sort of grow up, be a mum and now she has to literally put things right, because she has been burying her head in the sand."Donna doesn't know that (Marlon) is settled with Laurel and that they are really happy and they are engaged, she has no idea, she's not meaning to cause that much heartbreak."And Verity also admitted she too was nervous about returning to the soap after such a long break."Initially it was really scary and nerve wracking, but the minute I got there the people were the same and everyone is so friendly, nothing has changed in a good way."


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