Director loses legal battle over movie

Director loses legal battle over movie

Director Michael Radford has lost a five-year legal battle over the release of movie La Mula.

In 2009, the Il Postino moviemaker halted production on the comedy, about the Spanish Civil War, just days before it was due to wrap, over funding disagreements with producers.He was replaced by French director Sebastian Grousset and the film was released last year.Radford and Spanish producer Alejandra Frade have been battling over the movie ever since 2009 as Radford is desperate to secure the unused footage he shot so he can release his own version of La Mula.However, he lost his fight to obtain the film footage last month.Speaking to British newspaper The Times following the ruling, Radford said: "The whole affair is very sad and it is a great pity that production difficulties have torpedoed what remains a project with great potential... I believe there is potential for a wonderful film to be finalised, to the benefit of all concerned."


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