David & Gary in early ice exit

David & Gary in early ice exit

David Seaman and Gary Lucy have become the latest celebrities to be voted out of the Dancing On Ice competition.

Both men performed with their skating partners during the live show case on Sunday, but unfortunately neither could secure their place in the "all-star" final series of the popular show.

Former footballer David and partner on and off the ice Frankie Poultney received the least number of votes from the public and were immediately eliminated from the competition.

The pair were awarded a respectable 22.5 points out of a possible 40 from the judging panel following their rock themed performance, which included the dreaded headbanger move.

David slipped up slightly with the choreography at the beginning of their routine, but immediately pulled it back together with judge Robin Cousins describing the performance as "safe and in control".

Jason Gardiner added: "Your skating has definitely improved and I think we are all glad you didn't smash (Frankie's) face in when you did the headbanger.

"However you do run the risk of being dull. You should really try to interject some character."

After the news they would be leaving the competition, the pair made way for the skate-off in which Gary Lucy was pitted against actor Sam Attwater.

2011 champion Sam was clearly shocked to be placed in the skate-off but managed a faultless routine with his real-life fiancée Vicky Ogden, which was performed to the Riverdance music.

Actor Gary and his partner Katie Stainsby performed an "emotional" routine to Westlife's What About Now, but all four judges decided Sam should stay in the competition.

I am disappointed to be leaving but it was a great privilege to be involved with the competition.

Gary Lucy

Jason told Gary his skate-off performance was much better than his main showcase which he described as "dull".

Accompanied by Bastille's Pompeii, the pair performed a routine which the judges agreed was "filled with nerves".

"You need to leave the nerves off the ice," Karen Barber told him.

Robin added: "It felt safe and a little contrived."

Meanwhile Sunday's programme saw the return of actor Todd Carty, who famously skated into the ice tunnel and was unable to stop during a performance when he took part in the show in 2009.

Partnered with Alexandra Schauman and skating to Papa Loves Mambo, the judges praised Todd for "bringing the fun" to the competition.

"You definitely gave it your all," Ashley Roberts said.

Karen added: "You definitely have improved with your skating and you try very hard. Maybe try harder."

But Jason wasn't at all impressed with Todd, telling him: "You haven't improved at all. Why are you here?

"I wouldn't even say that was entertaining."

Despite his low score of 16.5 points, the public decided to keep Todd in the competition, as well as singer and actress Suzanne Shaw who managed to receive the highest score of any of the contestants so far.

The judges awarded Suzanne 35.5 points for her "emotive" performance with partner Matt Evers.

"There is something about you two when you skate. I think this is the best partnership and that was the best performance of the night," said Karen.

"It was supremely controlled," added Robin.

Also skating during Sunday's show was actress Zarrah Abrahams and the current Dancing On Ice champion Beth Tweddle.

All ten of the remaining celebrity contestants will return to the ice next Sunday at 6.15pm on UTV.


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