Dancing On Ice 'a popularity contest'

Dancing On Ice 'a popularity contest'

Dancing On Ice's latest evictee Kyran Bracken has said the show is very much "a popularity contest" and the best skaters are very often not getting the recognition they deserve.

Speaking to This Morning following his exit from the show on Sunday, the former rugby star admitted some of the celebrities have expressed an opinion that the judges are often unfair with their scores.Kyran said: "If you skate and you do a perfect run and you do lifts that haven't been done before and then you watch another skater actually miss a whole lift and they get a 9.5 or a 10, you kind of go "hang on a sec, are we watching the same thing?""So a lot of the celebrities were sort of talking and confiding in each other and actually we have to remind ourselves that it is not just a skating competition, it's a popularity contest as well."And that's sort of the frustration of it a little bit."When I look at Sam (Attwater), I think he has been under-marked all the way through the competition. I think Ray (Quinn) is brilliant and I don't want to take anything away from him, he is absolutely fantastic and was born to skate."But I think the overall package on ice skating and the lifts is actually Sam, but he gets under-marked ... and I think sometimes with the judging it is too much on the performance."I get frustrated when I see that maybe a skater goes out (on the ice) and doesn't do hardly anything."But despite airing his grievances, Kyran said he very much enjoyed his time on the ice and taking part in the 'champion of champions' final series of Dancing On Ice."I had a blast and I think I did the best I could," he added."When you've done the best you can, that's all you can expect of yourself."But, rightly, I had to go - I mean I looked liked an ape on ice."I've got better over the years... but I've run my course and I've had a great time and I did things I never thought I would be able to do."


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