Dancer, 86, keeps students on their toes

Dancer, 86, keeps students on their toes

An 86-year-old former professional dancer is still keeping her students on their toes by teaching keep fit classes seven times a week.

Marie Johnston began her dancing career in the 1940s onstage at the Empire Theatre in Belfast, before touring England.After settling down and having a family, she was still passionate about keeping active and decided to help others do the same.The glamourous granny now specialises in keep fit for the over 50s and takes classes in Newtownabbey."I have just loved dancing, all types of dancing, I absolutely love it and I love to keep fit, I like it and the clients like it," she told UTV."Some of them came and they couldn't dance, 'oh I've had a sore back' and I've got this and it's all gone now. Just see if you can keep yourself moving and that's it."I have never stopped moving that is the problem. My daughter says 'we will have to nail you to the floor!'"The great-grandmother-of-eight, who is approaching her 87th birthday, also teaches weekly classes for children and said she has no intentions of retiring.She added: "They will have to put me out to graze I think, you know what they do with the old nags."


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