Corrie's Tyrone discovers the truth

Corrie's Tyrone discovers the truth

Struggling both physically and financially since his nasty fall through the attic roof, Tyrone is in for a huge shock when he discovers just how much the Grimshaws are to blame.

With Tony, Todd and Jason appearing to offer their help to Tyrone and his family following the accident, it comes as a huge blow when he realises the truth.Actor Alan Halshall explains: "At this moment in time Tyrone thinks that some of it is his fault, that he shouldn't have gone up there and he has no idea that Todd has been cutting corners in the business."I think he thinks at first that Tony is trying to help them out of a bad situation, but then it becomes apparent that Tony's in it for himself."Fizz obviously sees us struggling financially and I think that's why she wants to claim as she thinks that's the easiest route, but then, of course, Tony throws a few spanners in the works."But a chance encounter with Owen Windass leads to Tyrone and Fizz understanding just how much their so-called friends have pulled the wool over their eyes.Alan said: "There is a dramatic turn when Owen, quite innocently, wants to take some of the chip board and asks Tyrone what it is for and Tyrone tells him."Of course Owen knows building regulations and knows that it's not up to the standards and I think it starts to make sense to Tyrone then that Todd, Tony and Jason have all been cutting corners."So as you can imagine Tyrone and Fizz are definitely not happy and I'm sure things are going to kick off between Jason and Tyrone."Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday on UTV from 7.30pm.


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