Corrie's Owen returns to face Anna

Corrie's Owen returns to face Anna

Coronation Street's Owen Armstrong returns from his work trip this week to face his wife Anna, following her shocking revelation.

Viewers watched as Anna finally confessed to spending the night with Phelan in return for him not going to the police about Gary attacking him.Unable to deal with what his wife has done, Owen left for a job in Scotland, but now he's back to deal with his family.Actor Ian Puleston-Davies reveals: "Owen has returned from... Aberdeen, with his tail well and truly between his legs and I would hope he has done a lot of thinking."He is very much in 'poor me' mode, which I think is going to be great and I think the female viewers are going to love to hate him again. It is going to be very much the 'how dare he behave like that' syndrome.While Owen has been away, a distraught Anna confessed what she had done to Izzy and Katy, with Katy moving out of the family home as a result.But there is still one member of the Armstrong/Windass family who doesn't know the truth."The only person who has yet to find out about the disastrous few weeks is Gary," explains Ian."And I think he really does try and keep it together, but the old Owen will rear its ugly head and he does end up thrashing out, much to his huge regret."His behaviour is becoming more and more inexplicable to Gary, so eventually Gary does ask what's been going on."The big question is will Owen reveal all, will the whole thing implode?"


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