Corrie's Maria 'pushed to her limits'

Corrie's Maria 'pushed to her limits'

As Maria continues to come between Tyrone and Fiz, Corrie actor Alan Halshall reveals Marcus' return to the Street could push her even further into meltdown.

After discovering Marcus in a compromising position with Todd, a heartbroken Maria found comfort from ex-boyfriend Tyrone.But with emotions running high, Maria soon confused his kindness and understanding as something more and began a dangerous game that could damage Tyrone and Fiz's relationship.In the wake of Kirsty being released from prison, Tyrone mistakenly thought a text send by Maria from an unknown number was from his abusive ex.Wanting to get closer to Tyrone, Maria didn't correct his error and continued to send more messages from 'Kirsty' in a bid to be a shoulder to cry on for him.Alan explained: "Tyrone is completely oblivious all the way through that it's Maria that's texting him."His fear is that it is Kirsty and she is going to come back for him or (their daughter) Ruby and that fear just gets bigger and bigger and he is genuinely terrified."Tyrone is also unaware that Maria is secretly hoping their friendship could progress to something more..."He has no idea that Maria is harbouring feelings for him again or anything like that," said Alan. "He is so clueless with it that he wouldn't have put two and two together, I don't think he would think Maria would do something like that."Maria's constant presence around Tyrone has not gone unnoticed by Fiz and when she discovers texts from Maria on Tyrone's phone, her suspicions are heightened even more.Alan continued: "There is lots of tension there because of these texts from 'Kirsty' and that puts a hell of a lot of stress on Fiz and Tyrone's relationship."I think Maria really is enjoying it, I think it all comes from her being very sad as well."But she is making these problems so that she can be the shoulder to cry on and I think she is loving that dependency that Tyrone really needs her right now and he needs that shoulder to cry on."Maria's fragile emotional state is thrown another blow when Marcus returns to Coronation Street, but how will she handle the situation?"I think things are going to get a lot worse because Maria has so much going on trying to confuse Tyrone."Marcus turning up again will push Maria to her limits. Maria is going to up her game a little bit and who knows what she will do next."Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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