Corrie's Maddie grows closer to Sophie

Corrie's Maddie grows closer to Sophie

After first appearing on screen on Christmas Day, Coronation Street's latest troublemaker Maddie is about to cause even more mayhem - and Sophie Webster is in her sights.

From her bad attitude to shoving Sally Webster's face in a pile of mashed potatoes, Maddie has not exactly endeared herself to Sophie since they met at the homeless shelter where Sophie volunteered.

Matters were made worse when she stole Sally's handbag which contained a watch that had huge sentimental value.

Sophie took it upon herself to get the watch back from Maddie, but managed to start a war that ended with Tim getting a smack to the face.

But while Sally and Tim would be happy to see Maddie behind bars, Sophie still sees something in her, and the pair are about to strike up an unlikely friendship.

"Who knows what is going to happen with Maddie and Sophie, because Maddie is so unpredictable," said actress Amy Kelly in behind-the-scenes footage.

Amy is the latest addition to the Coronation Street cast, admitting she is still in shock standing in the newly renovated studio.

"It's been amazing," she explained. "I couldn't believe it when I got the part - I was on the bus when I was told I got it and my mum and I just walked about the house for days going "oh, my God!".

"I've made so many friends here, everyone has taken me on board and obviously because I work with Brooke (Vincent, who plays Sophie) all the time, I'm really close with her.

"She's really, really lovely and it's nice that we can have that sort of relationship on camera as well as off camera."

So with Maddie's relationship with Sophie developing, Amy hinted we could be seeing more of her around the Webster's family home, whether Sally likes it or not.

"Whatever happens between them, it's gonna be so interesting - so keep watching!"

Coronation Street airs on UTV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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