Corrie's Leanne loses it over Nick

Corrie's Leanne loses it over Nick

Coronation Street's Leanne started life on the cobbles as a bit of a wild-child, and now the stress of divorce proceedings with estranged husband Nick looks set to make her revert to her old ways.

Actress Jane Danson reveals how dealing with Nick, who hasn't been quite the same since his life-threatening accident, pushes her character to the limits."He has been a bit awkward over the last few months with regards to the divorce and he won't give Leanne what she wants," she says of their increasingly strained relationship."And he decides that, just to add a few more things to the mix, he'll start faking his headaches."But Leanne isn't stupid and she soon cottons on to the fact that Nick is trying to make her feel guilty, thinking that she will halt the divorce proceedings if she believes she is responsible for his 'relapse'.And her frustration proves to be more than enough to push her back to her Battersby roots."Whenever Leanne gets annoyed about something, she always reverts back to that frustrated 18-year-old child who was a bit wild," Jane explains."And in this case, she's confronted everybody - no one believes her about Nick faking the injuries. Even Kal. So that absolutely makes her go really hysterical."She goes on a bit of a rampage and starts smashing plates and glasses and water jugs are flying everywhere!"While Jane's keeping schtum about what lies ahead for the troubled couple, she does see a divorce on the horizon. And she warns it's not going to be pretty ...


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