Corrie's Ken Barlow returns to the Street

Corrie's Ken Barlow returns to the Street

Ken Barlow returns to Coronation Street this week and, as actor William Roache reveals, it's not long before the truth about what has happened in his absence comes to light.

Deirdre Barlow has kept the huge news from her husband that his son Peter is currently in jail awaiting trial for Tina's murder."Ken returns to the Street and he thinks everything is normal, but very quickly he discovers things are otherwise," said William."Ken actually bumps into Carla and she tells him all that has happened and he cannot believe that his own son could be in prison for murder and his wife hadn't told him."Of course he is absolutely livid, he's furious that he wasn't told about it so he could come back and deal with it."Once he is over the initial shock of the situation his family is in, Ken decides the first thing he has to do is to see Peter and work out what they are going to do to prove his innocence.William explained: "He goes to visit Peter in prison and finds him very depressed, very down, there's no fight in him."He doesn't believe he is guilty, he really doesn't, he's not just blindly thinking that."He asks Peter outright and Peter says he didn't, so he supports him fully and wholeheartedly and he is behind Peter, getting the fight in him to get up in court and prove his innocence."While Ken is busying himself with the fight Peter has ahead of him, he, like the rest of the Corrie residents, is unaware that the actual murderer is right under his nose."It's a very interesting situation (Ken has) come back to, that the evil one, the one who has actually done it is living in Ken's home."Rob really is very worried because he wants Peter to plead guilty, he's very happy about that, and he can see Ken working to change it, so he tries to alter that."The Barlows always have a bit of drama, Ken has come back to a bit of drama and no doubt there will be a lot more big drama - that's the Barlows for you."Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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