Corrie's Gary tries to cover his tracks

Corrie's Gary tries to cover his tracks

After a drunken night out, Coronation Street's Gary Windass wakes up in another woman's bed, only to find out she is his best friend Kal's daughter Alya.

With recent family troubles becoming too much, Gary plans a night out with Jason Grimshaw, but soon finds himself in a lot of trouble.Actor Mikey North explains: "Gary and Izzy have a row at Tina's wake (and) Gary decides that he wants to go out and get absolutely hammered and he thinks Jason will be the right man to help him with that."They go on a night out, they get to a nightclub and are having a good time, Gary is forgetting about his problems and suddenly out of the corner of his eye, two girls arrive..."With Izzy at home, one of the girls catches Gary's eye and he lies and says that he is single."Gary wakes up the next morning and has no idea where he is," said Mikey. "A girl walks in from the bathroom and he realises what he has done."As all lads do, he tries to cover his tracks, he ensures that Jason knows that he slept on his sofa and then he has to go see Izzy and try and lie about where he has been."A nervous Gary thinks he is in the clear, but he is in for a very big surprise when he heads to the gym."(Gary) doesn't account for what happens later in the day when he is busy doing an odd job for Kal in the gym and a girl walks in from nowhere, and it's the girl from the night before."And then she announces that she is Kal's daughter!"Gary's world, once again, is starting to close in around him and it's going to be another case of how's Gary going to get out of this one."Coronation Street airs on UTV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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