Corrie's Gary reaches breaking point

Corrie's Gary reaches breaking point

Pressures at work and at home have been taking their toll on Coronation Street's Gary Windass, who finally reaches breaking point and takes matters into his own hands.

Bad boy Phelan has been blackmailing Gary and stepdad Owen with the CCTV footage of Gary attacking him, and the pair have struggled to deal with his demands.Actor Mikey North explained: "Gary and Owen are working every hour they can - six in the morning to six at night, which is even longer than we work!"So things are not easy, obviously pressure is mounting at home because Anna is there, Faye is there. Gary has got to look after (wife) Izzy but they've got no money, so the pressure is really building on the Windass family."Spotting a great opportunity to help their situation, Owen hatches a plan with Gary..."It comes to a point where Gary and Owen have had enough," said Mikey. "Another job comes up where Owen thinks they can use Phelan's tiles to tile the kitchens for these properties."So Gary goes along with it, thinking they can get away with it because Owen says it's alright."But low and behold Phelan turns up and catches Gary with the tiles in the back of the van."This has made things ten times worse now, again Phelan doesn't trust them. The pressure really is building now."After an argument with Owen, a frustrated Gary has finally had enough and resolves to get the better of Phelan once and for all."Gary finally snaps and takes matters into his own hands, drives around to Phelan's house and breaks in."So he is rooting through the house looking for the USB with the CCTV footage on it."Gary thinks he is doing something right and it turns out to be the worst possible thing he could have done."Coronation Street is broadcast on UTV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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