Corrie's David hits rock bottom

Corrie's David hits rock bottom

Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd has revealed his character David Platt is about to hit rock bottom as he spirals out of control and turns to drink to forget his problems.

David has had a tough few weeks after he was shunned by his family and wife Kylie for his lies and causing the horrific car crash which nearly killed his brother Nick Tilsley.

It all came crashing down on David during his daughter Lily's christening after Kylie realised everything he had done.

With no home, no job and no money, David turned to former girlfriend Tina McIntyre for help, but now the feisty barmaid has also had enough of him.

In behind-the-scenes footage Jack P Shepherd revealed: "David is like public enemy number one as far as the Platts are concerned, they don't want to hear him and they don't want to see him.

"Kylie can't stand David; she wants him to stay away from her, from the house and from the kids especially which is obviously breaking David's heart because now that he has found out that Lily is his, he wants to spend as much time with her, and Max, as possible.

"Things then turn worse for David when he loses his home with Tina."

It seems as though David is on a bit of a slippery slope, he's lost Kylie, he's lost his family, he's lost his kids and now he's lost the flat with Tina - so where is David going to end up? Who knows?"

Jack P Shepherd

To help cope with his problems, David turns to alcohol and is soon out of control.

Jack explained: "He goes on a big drinking binge, he has a few pints in the Rovers and he gets that bad he even attacks Peter (Barlow)."

In a heated exchange outside the Rovers, David tries to take his anger out on Peter, and Jack revealed while filming the scene, things got very physical.

"We were doing the scene and I was supposed to slap Peter," he said. "So me and Chris worked it out before hand and he said "just slap me, just go for it".

"So at first I was kind of patting him away and then we went for another take and I proper walloped him.

"I just went 'Oh, Chris I'm so sorry!' He said 'don't worry about it' and we had a hug and everything.

"It was a good smack."

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