Corrie characters braced for Rovers fire

Corrie characters braced for Rovers fire

The fates of three much-loved Coronation Street characters hang in the balance this week, as the Rovers Return becomes a raging inferno.

Sneak peek footage shows landlady Stella Price screaming for help after she becomes stuck in the pub which is suddenly engulfed in a ball of flame.

The dramatic scenes to be screened this week also involve long-time Weatherfield character Sunita Alahan and Karl Monroe.

"Stella has a massive week coming up," explained actress Michelle Collins.

"Things have been a bit tricky. Karl's been stalking her, which is a bit uncomfortable, and she's also had a big fall-out with Sunita," she added.

"So things aren't great and then suddenly there is a huge fire at the Rovers and Stella unfortunately gets stuck right in the middle of it.

"It's not only Stella that's stuck in the fire; Sunita is also found there, and so is Karl."

At least we'll die together.

Karl Monroe to Stella Price

Corrie residents soon look on in horror as Stella shouts from an upstairs window while Sunita lies unconscious in the basement.

Many familiar faces had gathered in Nick's Bistro to watch a Full Monty-style charity strip show.

Stella believes she will die in the blaze, the actress said.

"Obviously she thinks everyone's in the Bistro and that nobody will come to rescue her. At that point I think she genuinely believes she's going to die. She tries to open the window and it's jammed, and she can't get down the stairs either," Michelle revealed.

The scenes took three weeks to film, and Michelle said she found the experience difficult.

"It was quite frightening. I didn't think it would be as scary as it actually was. To be honest with you I tried not to think about it, which was a good idea.

"It really felt like a real fire."

"Will everyone or anyone escape unscathed?" she added.

"If you want to find out, you'll have to tune in."

Coronation Street is on UTV on Monday and Wednesday from 7.30pm, and on Sunday from 7pm.


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