Corrie actress recalls life saving storyline

Corrie actress recalls life saving storyline

Coronation Street actress Sally Dynevor has told This Morning how her character Sally Webster's breast cancer storyline in 2009 saved her life after she was diagnosed with the disease.

"You don't think it is ever going to happen to you," she said. "It's a defence mechanism where you think "It always happens to somebody else, it never happens to you".The actress admitted that while she had discovered the lump she did not seek medical help straight away as she thought it would be nothing and did not want to waste anyone's time.She explained: "I didn't think it was anything and that's terrible now I know, I just think how ridiculous that I didn't take it up, but I really didn't think it was anything and it was only the storyline really that made me (check)."I was really exciting about the story because it was great, a very close friend of mine had breast cancer so it really hit home."And then one day there was a gap in the scenes and they were so emotional that I thought "actually I should just go and check what that is, but I'm sure it is nothing".My prognosis was really good; I'm one of the lucky ones.Sally Dynevor"In the scenes where Sally tells Kevin she has got breast cancer I thought "Oh my gosh, this is so awful...what an awful dilemma this would be"."Sally explained she was still convinced she would be fine as she and her husband went to get her test results from the doctor."We went in and (the doctor) said "I'm really sorry but you've got breast cancer". I collapsed and woke up on a bed five minutes later."It was a real shock, but that storyline saved my life."Sally has since undergone a lumpectomy and a gruelling six months of chemotherapy before making a full recovery.


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