Corrie Christmas gets violent for Leanne

Corrie Christmas gets violent for Leanne

Quiet Christmases on Coronation Street may be rare for Leanne Tilsley, but this year proves particularly dramatic when her husband Nick turns violent during his recovery from a brain injury.

Tempers have already been frayed with Nick's personality having been changed by his accident, caused by his brother David.

But on Christmas Day, he physically lashes out against his wife.

"All the families are there, there's a lot of noise ... Nick becomes very agitated because he can't cope with it," Jane Danson, who plays Leanne, told This Morning.

"He's a very different person and, because of his brain damage, his temper is very short. And unfortunately ... safe to say, Leanne's on the receiving end of that."

Leanne has grown up a lot over the years though, as demonstrated by her efforts to face up to the latest hurdles in her life - rather than taking off as she used to do.

Leanne has the worst Christmases ever!

Jane Danson, Corrie's Leanne

"Historically, Leanne's always ran away from things - when the going gets tough, she gets in a cab, I go on holiday and she goes to see Toyah!" Jane laughed.

"She's finally come to a point in her life where she wants stability, she wants the family life. She's got Simon and she's got the husband. What's happened has had a massive impact on that family unit.

"The essence of that Battersby inner wild child is somewhere still there, but she has matured and she has grown up and she deals with things a lot better than she did."

It's no wonder Nick feels under pressure though, facing Christmas in the bistro with the whole Tilsley/Platt/Price clan.

Times have already been tough for the newlyweds, but - so far - Leanne has been determined to stand by her husband through his recovery.

"For the first time, she thinks: 'Right, I'm not going to run away this time. I'm going to see this through.' Even if it means sacrificing her own happiness," Jane added.

"Which we'll see in the coming episodes ..."


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