Colin leaves jungle after losing trial

Published Sunday, 25 November 2012
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After going head-to-head against Eric Bristow in a Bushtucker Trial, it was former Doctor Who actor Colin Baker who ended up leaving the jungle having failed to collect the most stars.

Colin leaves jungle after losing trial
Colin and Charlie's efforts weren't enough to save the Doctor Who actor. (© Rex Features)

On hearing that it wasn't to be a straight-forward eviction, Eric had been quick to once again predict who would be leaving the camp.

"I'm going to beat him. I don't play to lose," the darts player said.

"I would have sent anyone home, anyone I played. It's just unlucky it's my friend Colin."

In another twist, the pair were told they each had to chose a female campmate to join them in taking part in the Panic Rooms trial.

Eric picked a shocked Rosemary Schrager, saying: "There's a first on TV - me and Rosemary friends."

The chef did admit to be anxious that snakes would be involved, but added: "I'm honoured that he picked me and hopefully I can do it."

Colin felt bad picking any of his female campmates, but finally opted for EastEnders star Charlie Brooks, telling her: "We've bonded for life for this. I'm at your beck and call."

I feel a bit like I'm about to enter 100 metres with Usain Bolt.

Colin Baker

On arriving at the trial site, Eric revealed his game plan behind choosing Rosemary.

"The first night here she sat in a hut for the night with bugs so that was the ploy behind choosing Rosemary," he explained to Ant and Dec.

Rosemary said she was going to go for it, simply because she didn't want to face "the wrath of Eric".

It was explained that the trail involved two identical panic rooms, with one wall in each room covered in 'hell holes' - each containing stars as well as a few surprises.

Naturally, the surprises involved crocs, snakes, crabs, cockroaches, scorpions and other critters.

The celebs were given five minutes to find as many stars as they could and deposit them in a box - large stars would win them meals for camp, while little stars counted towards Colin or Eric's survival.

Charlie and Rosemary tackled the challenge first, shrieking the entire time.

"Rosemary, to the day I die, I'll remember that. I've been watching a screaming lunatic," Eric said.

While the men were calmer, Eric was nipped by a snake, prompting him to declare: "He doesn't like me and he's had a wee in here."

It was a crab that attacked Colin, several times in fact.

"The crab kept coming at me!" he said, although he later claimed the trial wasn't as scary as he'd expected.

No Tardis required today.

Charlie Brooks

Between the two teams, a total of five meals for camp were won - but they had to wait for the weigh-in to find out whether it would be Colin or Eric who would have to leave.

In the end, the stars collected by Colin and Charlie were found to weigh 82g. But the stars collected by Eric and Rosemary weighed 260g, making Eric the clear winner.

After 16 days, and looking considerably lighter, Colin made his way out of camp.

He told Ant and Dec that it felt "remarkably good" to be out and added that he wanted Eric to win the show.

The gruff darts player has rubbed a few campmates up the wrong way, but Colin insisted that all was still harmonious among the celebs.

"I adore him," he added of Eric. "In the early days, when I was struggling a bit physically, he was the one who helped me and encouraged me."

Colin's exit leaves Ashley, Charlie, David, Eric, Helen, Hugo and Rosemary in camp, with another celeb due to be evicted in Monday night's show.

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