Chelsea Halfpenny reveals Amy's struggle

Chelsea Halfpenny reveals Amy's struggle

Emmerdale actress Chelsea Halfpenny has revealed her character Amy Wyatt will struggle with her maternal instincts when she is told her son's adoptive parents have died.

Since giving up the baby she had with Cain Dingle two years ago, Amy has tried very hard to get on with her life, safe in the knowledge her son is being looked after.

But her world is turned upside down when she hears that baby Kyle's adoptive parents have died in a tragic accident.

"It's massive shock, it's not what she expects at all," said Chelsea.

"She has spent the last two years trying to forget about him because she thought that was the end of their relationship, so when she hears (the news) it's a huge shock.

"The first thing she thinks of is 'is Kyle ok?'...and there are all these things running through her head, could she have him back?"

She has allowed herself to think about (Kyle) again.

Chelsea Halfpenny (Amy Wyatt)

Unsure how to handle the situation and dealing with a range of emotions, Amy decides to attend the funeral.

But she is unprepared for the impact seeing her young son again will have on her.

"I think Amy makes the decision to go to the funeral for selfish reasons," explained Chelsea.

"She hasn't got a relationship with these people but they have shared something, Amy has given them something that has completely changed their life.

"But she definitely goes for the selfish reasons of wanting to see Kyle.

"She doesn't expect to feel how she does when she does see him.

"I think Amy has always regretted giving Kyle away, one of her first thoughts is 'would I have a chance to have him again? Is it even allowed?'

"This has just opened a huge can of worms for Amy."


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