Celebs in jungle 'strike' row

Celebs in jungle 'strike' row

A row over a canopy has led to Matthew Wright calling Kian Egan a "scab" after he attempted to organise a jungle strike in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The celebrities were complaining it was hot in camp and had asked producers if the canopy, which protects the camp from heavy rain fall, could be opened to allow them to sit in the shade.

But their request was refused which led to a call for collective protest action from Matthew.

"If we all take our mikes off we'll soon find the canopy will come down pretty quick," he said. "Are you with me fellows, revolution aye?"

As this was happening in camp, Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter was completing Thursday's Bushtucker Trial and she was triumphant after winning 10 meals for her campmates.

However her eagerness to get back to camp to tell her fellow celebs her good news was overshadowed by the would-be revolution.

As she started to tell her experience of being in a limousine with a host of nasty creatures, Matthew interrupted her by saying: "We thought we'd sit here in complete silence until the canopy comes down."

But Kian felt this was unfair and asked Lucy to continue with her story, leading to Matthew protesting: "That's solidarity brother, that's what happened with industrial relations in this country, scabs like you."

As Kian pushed on with his questioning of Lucy, Matthew exclaimed: "Oh scab! I didn't even want the canopy down, I'm only doing it for everyone else, I thought we were going to make some kind of stand and then every three seconds you are undermining it."

Snapping back Kian said: "You are the only person who wants to do it! Lucy has just come back from the trial we should listen to her speak! Let her talk about it, your attitude is unnecessary."

Matthew kind of snapped at me over the situation as if to say that I was pursuing Lucy to get the info out of her, he can be sharp tongued at times and let things get to him.

Kian Egan

Following the argument Alfonso supported Kian, commenting: "Every day we look forward to that person going out and coming back and having all of us support them when they came back in.

"Lucy didn't have us support her when she came back in and that is not acceptable. You will tear this camp apart if that continues to happen.

"Kian was trying to do it and he was shut down and became a scab because he was giving her moment. There are places of shade and places for people to go."

In the Bush Telegraph Lucy said: "The whole effect of the story was wasted! I had to keep the 'I'm disappointed' face for an awful lot longer than I anticipated. I wanted to do a bit of a performance but it all went a bit pear shaped! "

Meanwhile during Thursday's show the public voted for Kian and Joey Essex to become the camp 'saviours'.

The pair were told they would be asked to complete a number of challenges in order to win immunity tokens for their campmates.

Up to five celebs could be immune from the first eviction vote, providing the boys win their tasks.

Immediately whisked away after the news was delivered, Joey admitted to Kian: "I don't really understand what is going on to be honest."

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! returns to UTV on Friday from 9pm.


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